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10 Household Uses For Dental Floss

10 Household Uses For Dental Floss

10 Tricks For Dental Floss

We’ve designed an infographic for you to give you a better understanding of dental floss’ amazing uses. It’s not just to keep your teeth and gums healthy anymore. There are so many household uses for dental floss that you have never even thought of before.

10 household uses of dental floss infographic1. Get Crafty.

Dental floss can be used as string to make jewelry, hang a picture, tie holiday garland or hook an ornament hook.

2. Slice Food.

Dental floss works great to slice soft food like cake, bread, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, avocado, and watermelon. When packing a picnic, leave the sharp knife at home and bring floss instead.

3. Remove Sticky Treats.

If your appetizers or cookies become stuck on a baking sheet, slide a piece of dental floss underneath to lift them free.

4. Pull Out a Loose Tooth.

Does your little one need an extra tug on that loose tooth? Wrap dental floss around it and pull. The tooth fairy will be visiting in no time.

5. Sew Something.

No thread? Sew on a button, repair a tear, or fix a hole in a stuffed animal. Works great when camping and is often waterproof.

6. Grow your Garden.

Tie up your climbing plants like tomatoes and vines to a trellis. Mint flavor may help keep the bugs away too.

7. Go Fishing.

If you run out of fishing line, use dental floss in your fishing rod instead.

8. Cinch your Pant Leg.

Don’t let your pants get caught in your bike chain. Tie dental floss around the bottom of your pant leg when heading out for a bike ride. Or when hiking in a wooded area, this helps keep ticks from finding your skin.

9. Fix Photos.

Use dental floss to gently loosen and remove photos glued on a page incorrectly.

10. Stay Healthy.

Flossing your teeth helps fight infections and prevents gingivitis and periodontal (gum) disease. Good dental hygiene also prevents heart disease and tooth loss.

Free Infographic Poster Download

Download a FREE copy of the 10 Household Uses of Dental Floss PDF Poster. Feel free to inspire others with all the amazing things dental floss is capable of!

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