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An Important COVID-19 Message For Our Patients

An Important COVID-19 Message For Our Patients

Your health and safety are a top priority for us not only during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, but every day. Madison Family Dental is committed to providing you quality dental care as we continue to operate business as usual during this time. In an effort to keep things open and transparent with you, we want to address any questions you may have by reminding you of the following ways we are diligent in our daily routines now and throughout the entire year:

  • Disinfect, wipe down, sanitize, and clean each room after every patient to exceed health standards
  • Clean, sanitize, and sterilize all tools and equipment used during our appointments
  • Frequently wipe down and clean surfaces in our waiting rooms throughout the day
  • Require staff to stay home when sick
  • Require staff to wash hands before and after every patient
  • Wear protective clothing, masks, and sanitary gloves
  • Have several hand sanitizers available around our clinics
  • Will easily work to reschedule patient appointments if you are sick or don’t feel well
  • Openly communicate and keep things transparent with staff and patients
  • Keep our patients’ health and safety top of mind

During this time, we are being extra diligent in our cleaning routines and working hard to ensure we have extra cleaning and sanitation materials available for our patient appointments.

For the health and safety of our patients and staff, please contact your respective clinic if you do not feel well or are sick. We will easily work with you to reschedule your appointment. Please reference the official health information from the CDC for more information and how you can help prevent the spread of illness.

Thank you for being an amazing patient as we assess this rapidly evolving situation.

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