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Dental Crowns: Are Finding Cheap Ones Worth the Savings?

One of my patients brought in an ad from a local dentist for a $250 dental crown and wanted to know why Madison Family Dental wasn’t offering the deal.  What did your parents always say? If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Cheap Dental Crowns Aren’t Worth the Savings in the Long Run

What’s missing from this advertisement is the information that this is a stainless steel crown, something that all dentists can place. Sadly it is a very temporary restoration.  It is not designed to last for any significant time period, and it is not custom-fit.

These cheap dental crowns are stock items that are trimmed with scissors to attempt to make them roughly fit onto your tooth. The fit is always imprecise with gaps that allow bacteria to colonize underneath the temporary crown and cause cavities and gum infection on the tooth — which is one of the main things a dental crown is used for to avoid in the first place!  In the long run, by attempting to save money with a cheap alternative to a dental crown, you greatly risk losing the very tooth you are trying to save.

Lasting Dental Materials — and Valuing Your Teeth — are Proven Best for the Future of Your Mouth

At Madison Family Dental we will only recommend treatment that is needed to maintain good oral health. We always have our patient’s best interest in mind and would never steer them wrong. When we recommend dental work, it is to ensure you don’t end up with decay or an infection that will cost you and your health much more in the long run.

So when we diagnose a crown for a patient, it is done with quality materials that will provide you with long-term use and improve the health of your mouth. We utilize only precious metals, porcelain or ceramic materials that have proven longevity, excellent fit, and compatibility in the oral environment.  Our crowns are fabricated by highly trained professionals in a local laboratory after a precise impression is taken of the prepared tooth, meaning the crown is custom fit to your tooth and will sit flush with your gum line, ensuring no bacteria or food can get under it and cause more decay.

Don’t let advertisements for cheap crowns fool you. You’ll just be spending more in the long run when the temporary crown used fails within a couple of years.

Blog post by Dr. Lori Veerman, D.D.S.


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