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Check Out Dr. Donnelly on Talk of the Town!

Check Out Dr. Donnelly On Talk Of The Town!

In honor of Children’s Dental Month in February, Dr. Dylan Donnelly was featured on CW57’s Talk of the Town.


What Is Talk of the Town?

Many of you have probably seen Talk of the Town on CW57. It is a fun program that does lively interviews with people who have made a difference in our community, which says a ton about Madison Family Dental! Talk of the Town invited partner dentist Dr. Dylan Donnelly to be interviewed about Madison Family Dental, our programs, and our new clinic in DeForest.

Dr. Dylan Donnelly’s Interview

“Before we talk teeth, let’s talk a little about Madison Family Dental,” the interviewer begins. “You guys seem to be very involved with the community.”

Community Giving

Dr. Donnelly is asked to expand a bit on the company’s community involvement. In addition to the many different charity events Madison Family Dental has participated in and donated to, we run some events of our own for our patients and those living in Madison and the surrounding areas.

One of these events is the annual Halloween Candy Trade In. Children can bring in one pound of their unopened Halloween candy and trade it in for a prize pack to local gyms and attractions. What do we do with all of the candy? Madison Family Dental donates it all to select areas schools, where it is used for competitions called the Candy Makeover Challenge.  Last year’s winners included 5th graders from Chavez Elementary (picture of art below). This event has been a great hit since it started three years ago and students look forward to producing art from candy.

dentists with candy makeover art
Other Ways We Give

In addition to participating in charity events and creating our own, we also provide free dental services for the underprivileged. Many dentists of Madison Family Dental also volunteer at Madison Dental Initiative each year. Read more about our community giving.

Dr. Veerman volunteering at MDI

Dr. Veerman volunteering at MDI


Our New Office

As you may have heard, Madison Family Dental is getting bigger! We have expanded to DeForest, WI. As Dr. Donnelly states in his interview on Talk of the Town we are all very excited about this opportunity. Our DeForest branch just opened on January 4th, 2016. Madison Family Dental worked with Dr. Darryl Veit, a very good friend of Dr. Lori Veerman and others at Madison Family Dental, who was retiring, by buying out his DeForest, WI dental practice. He had been serving patients in DeForest for over 30 years, and we are thrilled to provide excellent care to his patients. To help expand the DeForest, WI office, we have hired Dr. Chalsey Nelsen to join our team. Dr. Feiereisen continues to serve patients at DeForest.

Madison Family Dental DeForest clinic
Madison Family Dental Continues to Grow and Help Patients Achieve Positive Oral Health

Our practice has been in business for over 30 years, when Dr. Lori Veerman’s father, Ron Schmidt, opened the practice with Don Pfahler. This close relationship throughout the years gives a great feeling of family and friendship to Madison Family Dental.

Dr. Don Pfahler, Dr. Ron Schmidt, Dr. Lori Veerman

PICTURE: Dr. Don Pfahler, Dr. Ron Schmidt, Dr. Lori Veerman

Finishing the interview, Dr. Donnelly talks about his dad, who was a dentist. “I remember wanting to be a dentist since I even started thinking of what I wanted to be when I grew up.” Dr. Donnelly states how much he loves Madison, and talks about how he came back to town after graduating and specifically applied at Madison Family Dental because of their long-standing presence in the community. As the years went on, the long-standing patients and employees inspired him to not only work at Madison Family Dental, but to also help it grow. “The most wonderful thing about Madison Family Dental,” Dr. Donnelly says with a smile, “is what great relationships everyone has with each other.”


Dr. Donnelly providing dental care for the underserved.

Dr. Donnelly providing dental care for the underserved.

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