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Donated Dental Services

Madison Family Dental has been a part of the WDA Foundation’s Donated Dental Services for years, and we are pleased to help out our fellow community members.

Since 1999, the mission of the WDA Foundation’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program has been to bring needed dental care to Wisconsin residents who are unable to afford treatment because of a limited income that is clearly linked to a permanent disability or advanced age (65 and older).

This program is by application directly with the Donated Dental Services program.

Prospective DDS patient applicants can learn more about the program by contacting your county Department of Aging, Health & Human Services.

Eligibility is determined based on a completed written application and phone interview by the DDS referral coordinator. During the interview process, the applicant will be asked questions pertaining to income, expenses and other pertinent factors to determine financial need as well as services required.

When a patient is accepted into the program, he/she is put on a waiting list until a participating volunteer dentist becomes available. The number of individuals on the waiting list varies by county.

The Dentists Who Volunteer

Wisconsin dentists who participate in the program have agreed to volunteer their services to one or two patients a year. Each volunteer dentist decides for him/herself whether to formally accept an individual based on a face-to-face meeting to assess dental needs. The referral coordinator is available to help the volunteers with such matters as a referral to a specialist and securing donated laboratory services if needed.*

*The DDS program does not provide lifetime dental care. The dentists do not donate routine cleanings or examinations after the initial treatment plan is complete.

Since 1998, more than $9.2 million in care has been donated by 792 volunteer dentists to 3,211 patients; 154 dental labs have donated supplies and services worth $651,711.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Delta Dental of Wisconsin Charitable Fund, and WDA Insurance and Services Corp. provide financial support for administrative and lab costs. Participating dentists donate more than $8 in clinical expertise, treatment, and materials for every $1 funded by these entities.

Madison Family Dental has been honored to contribute to More Smiles Wisconsin to help them provide patient care by volunteering on a monthly basis. Dr. Lori Veerman, who serves on the board, and Dr. Lindsey Heim have spent time working at the clinic with homeless patients.

touch twice united logo

Yearly, Madison Family Dental hosts a Touched Twice United Clinic, providing services to hundreds of patients at our clinic on a Saturday morning.

biek for boys and girls club logo

For 7 years now, Team Madison Family Dental rode in the 15th Annual Bike for Boys and Girls Club Ride fundraiser. Several riders biked 50 miles, including our Fittest Executive, Dr. Veerman. View more photos of that event on our Facebook page.

WDA Mission of Mercy logo

Madison Family Dental’s Dr. Lori Veerman, Dr. Martin Challenger, and several members of the MFDA staff give up their Saturday once a year to participate in the WDA Mission of Mercy Clinic at the Alliant Energy Center, Exhibition Hall.

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