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Give a Kid a Smile

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We’ve helped give more than 100 children smiles they love through Give a Kid a Smile! We provide major mouth reconstruction and care — free of charge.

In Madison, the Give A Kid A Smile program works through the school system and the school nurses make referrals throughout the month of February.

We have elected to participate every year and each doctor agrees to see a number of patients during the month of February. Usually each of us sees between 2-6 patients and then we provide whatever care they need to restore them to a healthy state. We also have agreed to be “on call” so to speak for the school nurses when they get kids who develop problems throughout the year. So we will, on a case by case basis, take on additional patients. ~Dr. Lori Veerman

There is nothing more powerful than seeing a new smile on a kid that has gone through this program. ~Dr. Martin Challenger

Across the nation this year there will be an estimated 1,500 events where nearly 40,000 dentists, dental team members, and other volunteers come together for Give Kids A Smile. We are happy to be a part of this team of people working to make Madison a better place.

Dental disease is preventable and it starts with access and education. Ultimately, the money spent on the prevention of dental disease saves a lot more money down the road in dental treatment. Madison Family Dental is committed to helping people with access and education.

Give A Kid A Smile totals through the years:

2012: $2,710
2013: $20,803
2014: $9,430
2015: $9,595
2016: $8,804
2017: $5,317*
*as of May 16th, 2017


History of Give A Kid A Smile

Since February 2003 when the Wisconsin Dental Association joined the American Dental Association in launching Give Kids A Smile®, volunteer dentists, dental team members, dental and hygiene students and community advocates have provided more than $8.3 million in care to over  64,000 Wisconsin youngsters.

GKAS® children’s dental access program is held during National Children’s Dental Health Month in Wisconsin and enhances the oral health of children. Activities also highlight for policy makers the ongoing challenges that disadvantaged and children face in accessing dental care.

WDA dentists may choose to work with community clinics, public health departments or school nurses to identify and treat children most in need of dental care. Sometimes a local dental society organizes a large-scale GKAS® event in cooperation with a specific youth or social service organization.

In other Wisconsin communities, groups of school children welcome WDA dentists into their classrooms to learn about good daily oral hygiene practices, while other students visit private dental practices where they receive basic services such as teeth cleaning and exams at no cost to their families.

Public individuals seeking more information about GKAS® programs should click here.

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More Smiles Wisconsin

For every new patient that comes through our doors, we make a donation to More Smiles Wisconsin to provide dental care to community members in need.


Drive-In-Fusion is a fundraiser where the Ripps, a local Madison family, team up with the Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation to raise money and awareness for the genetic clotting disorder.

All-City Swim Meet

Madison Family Dental donated our parking lot to the All-City Swim Meet so hundreds of families could enjoy the community event and cheer on their kids.

Master The Mound

We were proud to put together a fun raffle basket for the Master The Mound Fun Run/Walk that supports the Blue Mound Community Booster Club!


The DeForest Area Girls Youth Basketball Association promotes the importance and value of sportsmanship, hard work, dedication, and fun.

JMM Soccer

James Madison Memorial High School’s soccer program brings students together to experience teamwork, dedication, and healthy physical activity.

Madison Public School’s Work and Learn Program

Madison Family Dental mentors area teens on-site and provides them with real-world job training skills — and personal connection — in the dental field.

Bike for Boys and Girls Club

Family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors come together once a year to bike through Dane County and support the development of our local youth.

Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation

The Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation educates, supports, and advocates for people affected by bleeding disorders throughout Wisconsin.

American Family Children’s Hospital

We are proud to sponsor the American Family Children’s Hospital to help them continue providing top-notch care to families dealing with health problems.

Mission of Mercy

The Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation’s Mission of Mercy provides free, critical dental care to people in need while raising community awareness.

Donated Dental Services

Through Donated Dental Services, Madison Family Dental helps seniors living with disabilities get the dental care they need to keep their teeth healthy.
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