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Dental Membership Program & Dental Discount Plan

Dental Membership Program & Dental Discount Plan

At Madison Family Dental, our priority is your oral health. No matter what your financial situation or your insurance status, we believe everybody has the right to a healthy smile. That’s why we’re proud to proud to offer a Dental Membership Program: our version of a dental coverage plan, which provides an alternative to traditional dental insurance while also saving patients money with discounts and savings.


How Our Dental Membership Program Works

Our Dental Membership Program requires patients to pay an annual fee to join in exchange for discounted prices on preventative care as well as a range of common dental procedures. This program is for uninsured patients or patients who choose not to utilize their insurance (in the event that Madison Family Dental is out of network, for example). Our Dental Membership Program is also a great option for those who have Badgercare or Medicare.


Our Dental Membership Program is a great option for:

  • Retirees
  • Students
  • People between jobs
  • People whose jobs do not offer dental insurance
  • People with dental insurance, but for whom we are out of network
  • People with Badgercare or Medicare
  • Families of the above

In the event that a patient in the Dental Membership Program decides to use their insurance, they will no longer be eligible for the Dental Membership Program.


Benefits of Our Dental Membership Program

This program benefits our non-insured patients in a number of ways. Check out the top three benefits of joining this program below!

  1. Saves patients money. Adults and children enrolled in our Dental Membership Program save upwards of $160/year on preventative care dentistry, while patients in need of periodontal care save over $250/year. On top of that, we offer up to 15% off additional services when patients pay with cash, check, or a card the day of the service.
  2. Encourages regular trips to the dentist (which means healthier teeth). When it comes to uninsured patients, the top reason for not visiting a dentist has to do with cost. By saving patients money, our Dental Membership Program lessens the cost burden, encouraging more frequent trips to the dentist. This translates to a healthier smile now and for years to come!
  3. Removes the hassle of dealing with insurance. Let’s face it – complicated claim submissions, long waiting periods, and frustrating phone calls with insurance reps can cause headaches for everyone involved. Our Dental Membership program offers a streamlined, simple process for those without insurance.
  4. Increases transparency. With traditional insurance, it can be difficult to understand exactly what services you’re paying for. When it comes to our Dental Membership Program, services and pricing are clearly laid out – you know exactly where your money is going!


Three Unique Membership Programs: Child, Adult, and Periodontal

We offer three different programs — child, adult, and periodontal — each of which are reasonably-priced and include a number of dental services like routine preventive care cleanings and checkups, as well as an annual cavity-detecting x-ray. The membership program also includes an emergency exam should patients need it. Below details key benefits of each program. Click here for more details.


  • Child: 12 and Under ($295/year) & Adult ($325/year): routine cleanings, oral exams, and flouride treatments (2x/year); bitewing x-rays; one emergency exam per year (if needed) Save $168/year and $161/year, respectively
  • Periodontal ($695/year): periodontal maintenance cleanings (3-4x/ year), routine oral exams (2x/year); bitewing x-rays; one emergency exam per year (if needed) Save $253/year

All membership programs offer 15% off all additional, regularly-priced services when paid by cash or check on the day of service, or 13% off all additional, regularly-priced services when paid by credit card on the day of service.


For more information regarding our Dental Membership Program, hear from Lindsey Brueggen, Business Office Associate at Madison Family Dental:

Patients Love Our Dental Membership Program

Madison Family Dental patients love our Dental Membership Program, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out patient testimonials about this unique program:

“I joined and truly appreciate your new Dental Membership for those of us without dental insurance. The savings are wonderful for someone like me on a fixed income. THANK YOU!”

“As always, friendly staff and great service. I have been seeing Dr.Veerman for many years and plan on continuing. Since I am a retiree, I have no dental insurance and just signed up for your membership, a great value.”

“After searching “dental discount plans,” your business website came up. I’m so happy my family is able to get the care we need while we are in transition between jobs.”


Sign Up Today!

Signing up for our Dental Membership Program is easy. Simply click here to fill out a sign-up form. Once submitted, a Madison Family Dental representative will contact you to get you started with the program, as well as to discuss any additional questions you might have.

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