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DIY Tooth Fairy Projects For the Whole Family

DIY Tooth Fairy Projects For The Whole Family

Since we were children ourselves we’ve heard about the tooth fairy fable: when a child loses a tooth they place it under their pillow and wake up to find the tooth exchanged for a prize such as a coin or dollar bill. We here at Madison Family Dental love sharing ways the whole family can spend quality time together and decided to put together our favorite DIY projects from out Tooth Fairy DIY Series for you and your family to enjoy.

Tooth Fairy Projects

Customized Tooth Fairy Pillow

As the tradition says, when a child loses their tooth they place it under their pillow for the tooth fairy to come replace in the middle of the night. We thought this tooth fairy pillow was a wonderful way to make the tradition special for your child each time they lose a tooth! Using the PDF instructions we provide in our step by step guide, this project is quick and easy, and you can decorate the tooth fairy pillows you create in all different ways, which is especially fun if you have more than one child in your household.

No Sew Tooth Fairy Costume

Whether it’s for Halloween or to wear while they play at home, this simple DIY costume will transform your child into a tooth fairy in no time! All you will need are sparkly shoes, a black shirt, black pants or leggings, a pink tutu and fairy wings! You can add glitter for their faces, ribbons for their hair and even a wand! Many places around town such as Party City or Mallatt’s Pharmacy have at least parts of costumes year round, so we suggest you call to find out if they have the accessories you want for the costume.

Letter To the Tooth Fairy

This DIY project also has a free downloadable PDF on our site to help you and your kids create a very fun letter to the tooth fairy. The only thing you need once you have the pattern is white card stock to print it on, scissors to cut it apart, and a pen, crayon or marker your child can use to write the tooth fairy a note. Once completed it can be folded and even “mailed” to the tooth fairy.

Your Child’s Own Tooth Fairy Containers

As the tradition states, the tooth that falls out is placed under the child’s pillow overnight. However, some people like to get a little more creative.

A Box For the Tooth Fairy

This fun project involves a bit more work but is extremely creative and gives your child to place a different place to store the missing tooth the night of the tooth fairy’s visit. Using a large matchbox, 4 sheets of colored felt, tacky glue, ribbon, scissors and a red marker, you can easily create this tooth fairy box. Once completed, your child can put the tooth that fell out into the box and hang it on their door handle for the tooth fairy to find.

The Tooth Fairy’s Cottage

This project is one of our favorites, and a great way to spend some time together with the whole family! First, you mix ingredients and bake them to make gingerbread and, once the dough has come out of the oven, you cut out the cottage’s pattern. After the gingerbread cools overnight you are ready to start building your tooth fairy cottage with your kids! Don’t forget to have a lot of candy and snacks to use as decorations! When building hers, Dr. Veerman actually used some of the leftover candy from our Halloween Candy Bounce Back Event last year!

finished tooth fairy house
What Is the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program?

We all know that candy is bad for your teeth, especially when they are still developing. During the Halloween holiday, kids are taken door to door to Trick-or-Treat in which they are given all sorts of candies and sweets. Once home and all the candy is checked by parents, the kids chow down. However, all of that sugar sits on their teeth until they brush for the night, which can be hours later. Since sugar causes decay, Madison Family Dental decided to have a Halloween Candy Buy Back Program every year where kids can bring in the candy they received during Halloween and trade it in for really fun, kid-friendly prizes such as free passes to Boulder’s Climbing Gym, Gymfinity, local nature centers and more. It is a healthy and fun alternative to eating all of that candy! Stay tuned for this year’s community partners and see what you gain from trading in Halloween Candy.

Share Your DIY Tooth Fairy Projects!

We hope you enjoy our selection of DIY tooth fairy projects for you and your children. We would be thrilled to see the end results of any projects you create at home, and to hear about new ones that we could feature on our site as well!

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