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Dr. Veerman is Fit For Work; family dental

Dr. Veerman Is Fit For Work; Family Dental

Dr. Veerman: Fittest Executive Challenge

Good general health and fitness is important for family dental health

Contestant: Lori S. Veerman
Category: Fittest Women Over 50

For Lori S. Veerman, DDS, president and CEO of Madison Family Dental Associates, staying fit is not exactly like pulling teeth — it might be even harder. To health experts, the link between family dental health and overall health is becoming as clear as the dangers of secondhand smoke, and Veerman is now so committed to fitness that she didn’t let an injury knock her off track.

Not only does Veerman run a dental practice, she exercises every day and her weekly routine includes a variety of activities: two days of strength training, yoga, TRX suspension training, running and biking and, unfortunately, rehabilitation from an injury.

In March, Veerman was rehabilitating from a pelvic injury and was unable to run, but she managed to soldier on with biking for her cardiovascular fitness. When not injured, she competes in two or three running events and a couple of biking events each year.

She also has multiple exercise venues, and variety in venues might be as beneficial as variety in exercise routines. Her strength training is done at Evolution Exercise and Spin Center, her yoga takes place at Inner Fire Yoga Studio, and her TRX training happens at Woodall Training at the Middleton Fire Station.

Veerman appreciates the increased energy level and overall sense of well-being that fitness brings, and the release it provides after a stressful day.

Her business also benefits because she has increased strength to do her job and do it well. “The strength training, TRX training, and yoga all have greatly improved my core strength and my overall strength, which has been a key factor in being able to work comfortably,” she noted. “Dentists often suffer from back and neck issues due to the sitting position we work in.

“Prior to doing this type of training, I suffered from significant back pain issues, which are no longer a problem.”

Veerman also encourages her staff to be active, and Madison Family Dental sponsors events like the Purple Stride Run for Pancreatic Cancer Research and the Boys and Girls Club bike ride.

Article from InBusiness Magazine.

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