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Fit Kids Weekly Log 2015

Fit Kids Weekly Log 2015

Madison Family Dental Associates is invested in growing a happy and healthy community. The best place to start is by teaching kids healthy habits and the best way to encourage those habits is by rewarding kids for their efforts.

We know you see the benefits of raising Fit Kids, but we also know it isn’t always easy for your kids to understand the importance of being healthy today.

We’ve created a free, downloadable Fit Kids Weekly Log that outlines all the proper healthy choices your kids need to make to live a Fit Kids lifestyle.

From exercise and nutrition to hygiene and screen time – we want to give you a framework that makes it easy for you to reinforce these healthy habits. Create your own monitoring and rewards system – as you know kids love to get rewarded for good behavior!

Turn in your completed Fit Kids Weekly Log to Madison Family Dental and you could be selected at random for fun prizes.

Please download our Fit Kids Weekly Log and visit the websites listed below for additional resource support. Don’t forget to check back in often as we will continue to update this page with even more helpful resources!

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