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MouthBusters: Genetics and Dental Health

MouthBusters: Genetics And Dental Health

Have you parents had great dental health in the past? Do you not worry as much because of this? Watch as Dr. Eric Feiereisen addresses this dental myth about genetics and dental health!

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Myth: “My parents have had little to no dental issues in the past, so is it true that genetics play a major role in my dental health and I don’t need to worry as much?”

Dr. Eric Feiereisen: “Although genetics such as diabetes or soft tooth enamel does play a major role in your dental health, there are other important role factors to consider as well.”

“Such as what your personal eating habits are like, specifically, how much sugar is in your diet, also how much plaque and tartar you build up on your teeth and how fast you can lay plaque and tartar on your teeth. These are other important factors to consider as well.”

“Even though you have good dental genetics, you still need to brush and floss regularly and see your dentist on a regular basis to maintain your dental health.”

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