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Our History

30+ Years of Dentistry

A Natural Partnership Between Madison Family Dental’s Co-Founders: A Dental History Story

Our co-founders, Dr. Ron Schmidt and Dr. Don Pfahler, were friends with a deep mutual respect long before they were partners.

Dr. Schmidt came to Madison in 1962 from San Diego to be closer to his family after his service in the U.S. Navy. Thanks to his Naval experiences, Dr. Schmidt was one of the few dentists at this time with any exposure to group dental practices. Though he initially began a solo practice in Madison, he missed the camaraderie that comes with a team endeavor and later joined a local group practice. While he enjoyed his work, he soon realized this group did not share his practice philosophy and knew it was time to consider forming his own practice with like-minded professionals.

Meanwhile, Dr. Pfahler was working alongside a partner in his own joint practice. His partner was president of a national organization that required him to travel for long periods of time, leaving Dr. Pfahler to manage the workload alone. He missed the collaboration that a partnership typically offers and found himself considering other alternatives. As a single dad raising two young children, he hoped to find a partner who would support extended hours to accommodate working families.

It wasn’t long before Dr’s. Schmidt and Pfahler found each other. Built on their shared philosophy to provide compassionate care with a strong commitment to community service, the two founded Madison Family Dental Associates in 1981. Today, the practice includes ten similarly dedicated partners who continue their legacy.

Community Matters to Our Madison Dentists

Dr’s. Schmidt and Pfahler each believed strongly in supporting the community that had given them so much. During their practices, Madison Family Dental offered outreach days for low-income clients and sponsored the Domestic Abuse and Intervention organization among other charitable endeavors. Both additionally held leadership positions in the Wisconsin Dental Study Club and the Dane County Dental Society.

Providing service to others is still a deeply held Madison Family Dental Associates value today. Learn more about our current outreach and service commitments on the Community Giving page.

The Madison Family Dental Associates Promise

Convenience. Compassion. Community. At Madison Family Dental, these three C’s define the approach to care. Since opening in 1981, the practice has offered extended hours to accommodate working families. Its ten practicing dentists, each with specialized knowledge and experience, ensure patients have access to a comprehensive range of dental services to meet virtually any need.  Utilizing proven techniques coupled with state-of-the-art technology, Madison Family Dental Associates helps its patients achieve beautiful smiles.

“I worked for Dr. Pfahler for over 17 years, enjoying his sense of humor firsthand. I am forever grateful for the respect and appreciation he demonstrates for my work. But most importantly, Dr. Pfahler made me feel like family.” – Tammy, assistant to Dr. Pfahler

“I took a dental assisting job at Madison Family Dental in January 1983, working with Dr. Ron Schmidt. I am proud to say after 29 years I am still working in the same office, with the same family. Madison Family Dental has been an incredible place to work. Dr. Schmidt was a great dentist who always made quality of care and compassion his top priority. His patients and staff truly respected the dentistry he practiced. He treated everyone like family. I feel very fortunate to have been blessed with such a great teacher. I learned a great deal about dentistry in the 15 years I spent working with him. Upon his retirement, I was equally blessed to become Dr. Lori Veerman’s assistant. She has definitely followed in her father’s footsteps. She is an amazing dentist. I especially enjoy seeing patients who have been coming to the office since I started. That truly defines the quality and care that is given. Thank you for the past 29 years. I look forward to many more.”  – Rita, current assistant to Dr. Lori Veerman and former assistant to Dr. Ron Schmidt

“I started as a hygienist at MFDA in the late 1980’s. With 13 hygienists on staff, it was nice to work with a community of peers rather than the isolation of a one-doctor/one-hygienist office. The office has always encouraged the hygienists to meet on our own to compare notes and figure out what does and doesn’t work for us. The dentists at Madison Family Dental value our input and treat us as professionals. I feel Dr. Schmidt was in part responsible for this. He valued us all. Dr. Schmidt always took time to explain and educate. Dr. Pfahler kept the fun and humor in our workday. They created a balance, which set the tone for our clinic. It’s the reason Dr. Veerman always stays current as dentistry changes and she pushes us to pursue continuing education. It’s been a good fit for me and I feel lucky to have been a part of it all these years.”

– Jeaneen, Madison Family Dental hygienist for more than 25 years

Retired partners make acting debut in cameo appearances on our latest commercials featuring our new space!

In exciting Madison Family Dental news we would like to announce the return of Dr. Ron Schmidt and Dr. Don Pfahler. Unfortunately, they aren’t providing dental care — but we asked them to return for our latest NBC 15 sponsorship commercials. We are happy to report that their acting debuts were a great success, and we are very pleased with their cameo appearances.

“It was so nice to have them both in the office together. We certainly miss them. They shaped Madison Family Dental, and we thank them for helping us with this effort.” Dr. Lori Veerman

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