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How to Choose the Right Dentist for You and Your Family

How To Choose The Right Dentist For You And Your Family

No matter how regularly you brush and floss, the time will come that you need to go into the dentist. Regular checkups can catch potential problems early and keep your teeth healthy for years to come! And if you find the perfect doctor fit, you might start to actually enjoy your dentist appointments (crazy, we know).

So how do you know what to look for in a dentist? We’ve put together some tips to help you find the right oral healthcare provider for your entire family.

How are their appointment hours and location?

Choosing a dentist close to where you live or work can help you get to appointments on time with as little disruption to your day as possible. It’s also important to find a dental practice that will be open when you’re available. Even the world’s most wonderful oral healthcare team is no use if they can only get you in for a cleaning when you’re working or at school.

At Madison Family Dental, we have two locations to serve both the Madison and DeForest communities. We also designed our convenient hours with busy families in mind. Morning and evening appointments make it easy to get your teeth cleaned without throwing off the rest of your hectic schedule!

Do they take your insurance?

Finding a dentist who accepts your insurance can make a big difference when it comes to paying for your treatment, especially if you have any ongoing oral health problems like sleep apnea or periodontal disease.

If a dentist doesn’t accept your insurance — or if you don’t have dental insurance in the first place — will they work with you to create a payment plan? We’re proud to offer a Dental Membership Program so patients without insurance coverage can prioritize their oral health without dealing with an unreasonable financial burden.

Are they recommended by current patients?

Every dentist in the world will tell you that they’re great at what they do — but will they actually show you? One of the best ways to see if a dental office lives up to their self-promotion is to look at current patient reviews. Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp don’t let businesses hide bad reviews, so you can trust that what you’re seeing is accurate.

Beyond looking online, don’t be afraid to ask around in person! Your coworkers, friends, and family can make great recommendations tailored to your specific tastes.

Is their dental office clean and comfortable?

A dentist who makes you feel at ease in their office can be the difference between a positive experience or a horrible memory. Do they listen to your questions and concerns? Are they able to provide explanations for everything they do? At the end of the day, are you comfortable working with them as a long-term partner in your oral health?

Our number one goal is to make patients feel at home from the moment they step through our clinic’s doors to the moment they leave. From knowledgable front desk and business office staff to dentists and hygienists that prioritize patient comfort, we strive to make going to the dentist enjoyable.

Do they share your personal values?

As long as you’re getting great dental care, this is just a bonus — but finding a practice that aligns with your personal values can be extremely fulfilling. Does your dental office participate in volunteer activities or make donations to causes you care about? Do they value your local community?

At Madison Family Dental, we’re honored to share our time and talents with the Madison and DeForest communities through a range of volunteer initiatives. Our mission is to spread smiles throughout the area to our patients and beyond.

The final verdict

Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to be picky. Your dentist should be someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

If you think Madison Family Dental could be the right fit for you, you can book your first appointment today with our easy online form or a quick phone call. We can’t wait to meet you!

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