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Madison Public Schools Work and Learn Program

Madison Public Schools Work And Learn Program

Through Madison Family Dental’s participation with the Work and Learn Program, many area teens are mentored on-site, and provided real-world job training skills in the field of dentistry.

The Work and Learn Program provides a unique opportunity for students who have faced adversity with the opportunity to earn their high school diploma by developing the skills necessary for success after graduation. These skills are developed through academics and semester long internships. In the morning, students gain real-world career skills by partnering with community businesses and organizations. Madison Family Dental Associates plays a huge part in this by welcoming students and graciously sharing their time and expertise to prepare our students through real-world experiences.  In the afternoon our students engage in rigorous content based around literacy, math, civics, financial responsibility, and career planning. After graduation, students carry the experiences and knowledge they have gained with them into their post-secondary endeavors. ~Kevin Ladell, Program Director

innovative and alternative education

Madison Public Schools, Work and Learn Program

Through a four-semester sequence of academic and community-based learning experiences, Work and Learn provides students at-risk with a pathway to graduation through the building of positive relationships and engagement with relevant curriculum. WLC has begun the work of becoming a “middle college” to support students’ postsecondary transitions.

Student Outcomes


Students will:

  • Advance individual skills as readers and writers.
  • Read/view and analyze in a variety of disciplines.
  • Become critical and creative thinkers.
  • Use technology to access information, analyze/solve problems, and communicate ideas.
  • Demonstrate proficiency and application of financial literacy and functional math.

Social and Personal Responsibility

Students will:

  • Develop positive self-concept in regard to self-esteem, values, attitudes, interests, goals and strengths and weaknesses, as demonstrated by self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking in at least two environments (i.e. work, school, family, and community environments).
  • Be knowledgeable members of society who know how to advocate for themselves and their families. Students will understand their responsibility to their community and society and participate in community, social, civic, or cultural service.

Students will:

  • Acquire and demonstrate skills that will make them successful employees or post-secondary education students.
  • Gain experience in the workforce and educational institutions to prepare them for a wide variety of career paths and choices.

Meet Joey

Joey is a recent graduate of Memorial High School that recently completed working at Madison Family Dental as a Hygiene Assistant working under the guidance of Deb and Dr. Veerman.

Thanks for your support and guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am without your help. You all surprised me with how much you care and I would not have believed it if I didn’t live it to experience it. I hope other kids are as lucky as I am to have you and MFDA to support them in their life and school. ~Joey

joeyWe are so proud of Joey. Many staff at Madison Family Dental wrapped their arms around Joey and helped his time with us be successful. ~Dr. Veerman

Joey was such a pleasant young man that came to Madison Family Dental to learn how to assist a hygienist. It was my pleasure to work with him. ~Deb, Dental Assistant

joey Joey spoke at his West High School graduation.

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