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Meet Dr. Alanna Wirtz

Meet Dr. Alanna Wirtz

Who Is Dr. Alanna Wirtz?

Dr. Alanna Wirtz has been with Madison Family Dental since 2005 and is a graduate of Marquette University School of Dentistry. She is an active individual and stays healthy with working out at home and running outdoors. We recently asked Dr. Wirtz to tell us more about herself and what she does when not practicing dentistry.

A Little More About Dr. Alanna Wirtz

“My husband and I have four children who are growing up quickly. I can finally say they are all in school.  We are transitioning away from strollers, diapers, and daycare and heading into the next phase of after-school activities, sports, and ‘girl drama.’

Dr Wirtz and Sophia to run together again at Girls on the Run.

Dr Wirtz and Sophia to run together again at Girls on the Run.

Our oldest is almost 12.  She definitely plays the role of the oldest and feels she knows all the answers. She is very independent. She has entered the world of middle school.  She is attending Toki Middle School and loves it.  She has not found her favorite sport yet, but she is willing to give volleyball a try next year.  She loves animals and art.

Our only boy is 10 years old.  He loves spending time with his dad. They enjoy playing football and basketball and his favorite card game is UNO. He is my most caring child and is very responsible.

Our third child is 7 years old but wishes she was 16. She loves to dress up and be the leader. She always seems to have the perfect compliment for anyone she meets. She is the only one that says she wants to be a dentist when she grows up.  She has won over her mom!

Our youngest is 5 years old. If you meet her she will put a smile on your face. Her nickname is ‘Hot Mess.’ Her hair may not be perfect and she might have something on her face, but she is as cute as a button. She loves to wrestle with her brother and get her nails painted by her oldest sister.

We say my husband of 13 years should earn the “Father of the Year” award. He is very involved with the kids and shares in all the kids’ duties.  He is the Human Resources Director for the city of Madison where he has worked the past 15 years and has seen a lot of changes in Madison. We both love the City of Madison and all of the unique things that it has to offer and we strongly support the Madison Public Schools. He has recently opened a Mr. Brews on the East side of Madison.  It has been an adventure learning the restaurant business.”

In Her Free Time

“I continue to enjoy working out with my free time.  I like to run outside and take in the fresh air.  I also do bootcamp workouts when I need a break from running.  My husband and I enjoy going to Nashville and listening to live music.

Our little escape from our busy life is going up to our condo on Castle Rock Lake. We love going to the beach with the kids and watching them play. We try to leave the “electronics” at home and have more family time at the lake.”

Dr. Alanna Wirtz Is a Great Asset to Our Team 

Dr. Wirtz donates time and provides dental care to children and adults through Donated Dental Services, Give a Kid a Smile program and Touched Twice Clinic.


Dr. Christine Julian-Hoernke, Dr. Alanna Wirtz & Dr. Lori Veerman at the Work & Learn Program.

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