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Meet Dr. Lindsey Heim

Meet Dr. Lindsey Heim

Who Is Dr. Lindsey Heim?

Lindsey Heim has been practicing with Madison Family Dental Associates since 2008 and joined the group right after graduating from Creighton University School of Dentistry. “I feel so fortunate to be able to practice with such a wonderful group of dentists who expect the best out of each other and our practice, are committed to self-improvement and learning and are truly caring and compassionate practitioners. The other doctors and staff here feel like a second family!” says Dr. Heim. We recently asked Dr. Heim to tell us more about herself and what she does when not practicing dentistry.

A Little About Dr. Heim

“I grew up around the LaCrosse area, so I am a Wisconsin native, but do have a little bit of ‘river rat’ in me from growing up around the Mississippi. I did my undergraduate studies at Luther College in the very Norwegian and very cute town of Decorah, IA before I attended Creighton in Omaha, NE for dental school. However, I have always loved the beauty of the Madison area, and the area drew me in after dental school. I find the rolling green valleys and geologic formations of the driftless area to be one of most beautiful areas in the country, and love to call Madison my home!”


In Her Free Time


Dr. Heim competing in the Ironman.

“I find our region to be such a fun ‘playground’ for fun outdoor adventure! I try to get some ‘fresh air’ and spend a little time outside every day. So, when I’m not here at the office, I can usually be found riding my bike on some of our beautiful country roads (sometimes stopping for coffee/treats!), mountain biking on some of our amazing trails, enjoying time at outdoor pools or in our lakes or running roads and trails! Some of my favorite local trails are at Devil’s Lake, Kettle Morraine, and in the Arboretum. This past summer, I rode a packed mountain bike with some friends along the Great Divide from Banff, AB to Whitefish, MT, camping along the way. It was the longest and most riding I’ve ever done within a few weeks span, but so very rewarding.

Madison has such a great, active and athletic community. I love racing triathlons and usually race several every summer. I love how racing is a great way to push oneself to grow mentally and athletically. As much as I’ve raced several Ironmans, and countless other half Ironmans, including the world championships, some of the local shorter races are my favorites!

Having grown up in Wisconsin, I do have a special place for winter and for snow, and have Nordic and Alpine skied on and off for most of my life, love to snowshoe, and have even tried some ice climbing! I also started to learn how to Telemark (free heel) ski, which was definitely a lesson in patience, and made me sore every time I went, but will try to further refine my skills this winter! I also have recently learned how amazing backcountry skiing is, and as much as I’ve gone in Colorado and Alaska, skiing up in ��da UP’ of Michigan also has some great snow.

When not having fun outside, I’ve been trying my hand at some small-scale gardening with some leaf vegetables and herbs. I also love enjoying lazy mornings drinking coffee on my porch, taking on projects around my over 100-year-old house, cooking and baking. Sometimes I will joke that my love for cooking and baking is simply because I love to eat, but I find the art and beauty of fixing a simple, nourishing meal and sharing it with friends and family over honest conversation a lost art. Some of my ‘signature’ items are my PB-choc-oat cookies, my homemade granola and my pumpkin and sage lasagna. I was honored to be tied for the win in our office’s chili cook off this past year!”

Dr. Lindsey Heim Is A Great Asset To Our Team


Dr. Heim at the Touched Twice event.

Dr. Heim provides care and is also a preceptor to Marquette Dental students at Madison Dental Initiative, a dental clinic inside the Salvation Army shelter. “I find that Madison is such a great community, and I enjoy using my skills to give back to some of our fellow community members in hard times. I also work at other free clinics such as Touched Twice and Give Kids a Smile, and feel honored to be able to use my skills to help others in hard times. It is amazing how often times it’s not just fixing the teeth, but being a listening ear and giving someone the respect as a fellow human can be such a simple, yet profoundly life changing event for people in need.”

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