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Mission of Mercy

Mission Of Mercy

The 2014 Mission of Mercy was held in Green Bay on June 27 and 28 and once again Madison Family Dental had a team of Volunteers participating.  Dr. Veerman, her assistant Valerie, and two members of our hygiene team, Bessie and Robin, headed up to Green Bay.

“We spent the night there so we could be ready for the very early start at 5:30 a.m. to begin seeing patients.” -Valerie

Dr. Veerman and Valerie saw patients to provide much-needed fillings all day. Bessie, who also has pharmacy experience, assisted in preparing prescriptions for patients following procedures, and Robin provided instructions in nutrition, health, and oral hygiene. In the afternoon Bessie and Robin saw patients for teeth cleanings. It was a great experience once again to be helping those in need.  Next year’s Mission of Mercy is in Fond du Lac, WI.

mission of mercy room
Final numbers for 2014:

  • 1,925 patient visits (1,753 unique patients)
  • $1,322,176.90 value of care provided
  • $754.24 per patient average  ($686.85 per visit)

8,136 procedures (+400 medications distributed onsite) including but not limited to:

  • 1,889 fillings
  • 1,485 extractions
  • 792 cleanings
  • 769 x-rays
  • 480 fluoride varnish
  • 149 full and partial dentures
  • 93 sealants
  • 43 root canals and therapeutic pulpotomies
  • 17 alveoplasty (surgical procedure used to smooth out the jawbone)

2013 Mission of Mercy 

  • 1,224 volunteers, including 228 WDA dentists
  • 2,072 patient visits
  • $1.18 million in donated care
  • 719 cleanings
  • 1,450 fillings
  • 1,846 extractions
  • 32 root canals
  • 100 partial dentures

Dr. Lori Veerman and staff at Mission of Mercy clinic 2012.

Read about Madison Family Dental’s involvement in 2013 year

The Mission of Mercy two-day event at Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI was a huge success in June 2012. Dr. Lori Veerman and Dr. Martin Challenger, along with several other MFDA hygienists and assistants, took part in the largest volunteer dental clinic! In just two days it offered:

  • 3,595 patient visits and $1.75 million in donated care
  • 1,810 volunteers, including 395 dentists
  • 1,205 cleanings, 2,567 fillings, 2,822 extractions, 80 root canals, 153 partial dentures

line outside building for mission of mercy

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