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MouthBusters: Common Root Canal Myths Part 2

How long are root canals successful? Does it really take a long time to recover from a root canal? Can you actually prevent root canals? Watch as Dr. Martin Challenger busts these common root canal myths in the second part of our Root Canal Awareness Week edition of MouthBusters.

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Myth 1: “I’m nervous that the root canal I just received won’t be successful in the long run. Should I be worried?” – Greg from DeForest

Dr. Martin Challenger: “Well, it depends conditionally on the integrity of the tooth, that means, how much tooth structure is left after the decay is removed. But basically, tooth retention at eight years is 95-97%.”

Myth 2: “I have a root canal coming up and I need to get back to work as soon as possible. Will it actually take a long time to recover?” – Rachel from Windsor

Dr. Martin Challenger: “Well, depending on the severity of the toothache, most people bounce back anywhere from 24-72 hours. Taking ibuprofen or Aleve or any type of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, which can be found in any drug store, before the root canal and after can help promote healing.”

Myth 3: “I want to avoid getting a root canal in the future as much as possible. Are the rumors true that you can prevent them?” – Wendy from Fitchburg

Dr. Martin Challenger: “In most cases you can, and the guidelines are very easy. First, you want to brush and floss daily. Second, have good dietary habits. Third, don’t use your teeth as utensils, such as scissors to tear off tags off clothes or open bags of chips. Visit a dentist on a regular basis and not delay any recommended dental treatments such as fillings.

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