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MouthBusters: Dental Appointments While Pregnant

Has someone told you “I shouldn’t go to the dentist while I’m pregnant?” Is it true? Should you really miss your dental appointments while pregnant? Watch as Dr. Lori Veerman busts this dental myth.

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Myth: “My sister told me that I shouldn’t go to the dentist while I’m pregnant. Should I really be avoiding the dentist?” – Megan from Middleton

Dr. Lori Veerman: “That’s a great question. What we recommend when you’re pregnant is that you definitely come in for your regular cleaning and checkups. It’s just part of keeping your whole body healthy when you’re pregnant; it’s also keeping your mouth healthy.

“One of the reasons we strongly recommend that you come in while you’re pregnant to have your teeth cleaned is that your hormones are very different when you’re pregnant, and there’s a condition in your mouth (Pregnancy Gingivitis) where, because of the hormones, your gum tissue overreacts to the irritants that are in your mouth if you’re not keeping things really clean, and the tissue can get very inflamed and bleed very easily. We want to try to avoid that condition for you, so part of that is having a very clean and healthy mouth. Having your teeth cleaned and having us check to make sure you’re keeping things clean at home is also very important while you’re pregnant.”

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