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MouthBusters: Does Well Water Have Enough Fluoride?

MouthBusters: Does Well Water Have Enough Fluoride?

Have you ever wondered if you are getting enough fluoride if you have well water? Should you be worried? Watch as Dr. Martin Challenger addresses this dental myth.

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Myth: “I have well water at my house. I am nervous that I am not getting enough “natural” fluoride through my water system. Should I be worried?” – Jim from Middleton

Dr. Martin Challenger: “The question of well water often comes up in our practice to whether or not there are proper amounts of fluoridation in well water – in natural groundwater so to speak”

“More times than not, to get the adequate protection that we like to see as dentists, usually it’s more what you would find in a municipal water supply. That being said, there are areas that have natural fluoride which is deemed acceptable. The only way to know you are not on a city water supply is to have it tested. Usually, that’s done via a municipality or a county agency. They can come by the house, usually for a fee, to do a water sample and they can give you a whole merit of readings if there’s enough fluoride in the water, or if there’s any chemicals in the water. If it’s deemed below the recommended level, which is determined by your pediatrician or physician, if it’s deemed below that, usually they will recommend a prescription. It used to be that the dentist would give the prescriptions, but nowadays, the prescriptions for any augmentation of fluoride intake is usually done by the family physician or the pediatrician.”

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