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MouthBusters: Replacing Silver Fillings

Do you need to worry about replacing silver fillings? Dr. Christine Julian-Hoernke busts this dental myth in the latest installment of MouthBusters.

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Myth: “Is it true that I need to replace all of my silver fillings?” – Elizabeth from Middleton

Dr. Christine Julian-Hoernke: “The answer is no, there is no reason to replace your amalgam fillings unless there is something wrong with them. The way to determine whether or not something is wrong with them is by having regularly scheduled checkups with your dentist. And at that time, your dentist will look through your mouth and see if there is anything going on, recurrent decay, a broken filling, something along the lines where the filling would be faulty. In that instance, then you and your dentist would decide the best way to replace that filling.”

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