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MouthBusters: Teeth Whitening is Safe

Have you ever wondered if teeth whitening is safe for your teeth? Dr. Lindsey Heim addresses this myth in our latest MouthBusters episode.

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Myth: “Recently on the news they mentioned that teeth whitening can cause damage to your teeth. Is that true?” – Lucy from Madison

Dr. Lindsey Heim: “That’s a great question. For most people, whitening is going to be very safe. But I always suggest that you should ask your dentist and have your dentist evaluate your mouth before you use any whitening products, regardless if you are planning to use an over the counter product or professional grade product.

“The other thing I would caution people against is a lot of things that I’ve seen on the internet here and there mostly about do it yourself whitening. Most of these involve some sort of baking soda, sometimes lemon juice on teeth and placing it on there. Both of those are going to be very abrasive to enamel, or very acidic, and it’s very damaging. I would caution anyone against using things like that.

“Another thing I would suggest is avoiding any sort of whitening toothpaste. Again, those tend to be very abrasive and can damage enamel. They also don’t really work. So I caution people against that even though the majority of toothpaste at the store tend to have a lot of whitening in them. Usually the simpler the better when it comes to toothpaste.”

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