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Oral Piercings and Oral Health

Oral Piercings And Oral Health

Nowadays, more people seem to have piercings than not. Although not the most common, oral piercings are still very prevalent. If you or your child has one or are thinking of getting one, be sure to think about all of the potential health associations! While you may think they look cool enough to balance the risks, you need to know what all you may face.

Any piercing in your tongue, lip or cheek can have an effect on your oral health. Along with interference with speech, chewing or swallowing, these piercings can cause infections very quickly. Because of the moist nature of the mouth, there is a very high number of bacteria prone to breeding. If you notice a symptom of an infection in your piercing, get it checked out immediately because it can become life-threatening in no time. Another thing to watch out for with an infected tongue piercing is swelling of the tongue, which could block your airway.

One variable you can control is playing with or biting the piercings in your mouth. By avoiding these types of habits, you can prevent gum injury, damaging your fillings and cracked, scratched or sensitive teeth.

When you get an oral piercing, especially a tongue piercing, make sure to watch numbness that may occur. While numbness after this piercing is somewhat normal and temporary, it can sometimes be permanent, which would then affect both your sense of taste and how you move your mouth.

Another smaller, yet still notable effect, is excessive drooling. Especially with a tongue piercing, your saliva production increases substantially.

Finally, as we at MFD can attest to, the jewelry from these piercings can definitely get in the way of dental care because they block X-Rays.

So, while we definitely understand the worth of self-expression in any way you choose, we want you to be well aware of the potential dangers of oral piercings. After all, it’s our job to look out for your health!


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