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Traditional Metal Braces

For kids and adults

In addition to our innovative Invisalign option for straightening teeth, Madison Family Dental also provides traditional braces to both kids and adults. These braces consist of metal brackets attached to the front of each tooth that are connected to each other with a wire. As this wire is tightened, the teeth move into alignment over time. Once treatment is over, we provide each patient with a custom-made retainer that will ensure their teeth don’t drift out of place again.

There are many benefits to a straighter smile. On the social front, many patients report increased confidence and a greater quality of life after treatment. As far as health is concerned, having properly aligned teeth means fewer jaw problems and long-term decay issues.

Why go with traditional braces?

While invisible aligners make a great option for many patients, traditional metal braces are still the most popular way to straighten teeth. Here are some reasons many patients still choose this option:

  • Cost. Traditional metal braces tend to be less expensive than invisible aligners.
  • Strength. The stainless steel typically used in metal braces is extremely strong, making it less likely that they’ll need to be repaired or replaced during treatment.
  • Length of treatment. On average, metal braces straighten teeth faster than invisible aligners, which makes them a great option for patients with severe misalignment or who simply want to see results quickly.
  • Variety. Some patients, especially children, enjoy the colored rubber band options available with traditional metal braces. They can make treatment more fun!

Dental Membership Program

We have a dental membership program for patients who don’t have insurance coverage. Don’t let cost get in the way of achieving a straighter smile — all orthodontic services are discounted 13-15 percent with membership in the program.

Commonly Asked Questions About Traditional Braces

I’m an adult — is it too late to straighten my teeth?

No! It’s never too late to get a straighter smile. While we definitely take advantage of children’s growth periods to align their teeth during adolescence, even adults can have success with both traditional braces and invisible aligner options. Treatment might take a longer time than if you were still growing, but your Madison Family dentist can work with you to design a plan that’s right for you.

Are there foods I can’t eat with traditional braces?

There are some foods you should avoid when you have traditional metal braces. Chewy, sticky foods run the risk of pulling off your brackets, and very hard, crunchy foods can cause them to snap off. When eating anything, it’s best to break your meals into small bites and to chew slowly to avoid damaging your braces.

What happens if I break a bracket?

It’s common to break a bracket at some point during your braces treatment, so don’t worry if it happens to you! Just call your Madison Family dentist right away to arrange a time to come in and get it fixed.

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