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General Dentistry

Madison Family Dental: Providing Quality General Dentistry

To deliver a healthy and lasting smile, our Madison dentists and loyal staff work to provide a convenient, family-friendly dental practice that makes life easier for you and your family. If you are a busy parent struggling to find time to schedule everyone’s appointments, we offer a convenient online scheduling option, the ability to schedule multiple appointments at the same time, and the most flexible hours in the Dane County Area!

Learn more about our general dentistry services below.

General Dentistry Transcription

“General Dentistry really encompasses all the different specialties in dentistry, which includes oral surgery, periodontics, prosthodontics, pedodontics, and orthodontics. The nice thing about going to a general dentist first is that they can usually look and see what needs to be done, and a lot of times they can do it in the office there instead of sending you down the street where you have to wait to make an appointment.

The other big thing that we focus on is preventative stuff. So when you come in, you see your general dentist, they take a look at everything, they make sure that there’s nothing going on, and prevent big stuff from happening down the road. So, you’d almost think of a general dentist as your “primary practitioner” in the dental world, but the nice thing about going to a general dentist is most of the time we can take care of stuff here in the office so you don’t have to be shipped everywhere to go to different places.

Here at MFDA, we’ve got a lot of general dentists that provide a lot of specialty services, so just because you see a general dentist doesn’t mean we can’t provide that orthodontics or endodontics or take a tooth out. It just means that then we kind of encompass the whole thing, and we can send you if we need to.”

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