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Mouth Guards

To protect your mouth

Custom-made mouthguards and dental appliances are not only more comfortable but also superior in protection and function than over-the-counter products you fit yourself at home.

We offer a number of mouthguards and dental appliances, which require two appointments with your Madison dentist. During the initial appointment, impressions are taken of your teeth. These are then used to fabricate your custom mouthguard or appliance, which is usually available in one to two weeks at a follow-up appointment.

Athletic Mouthguards from your Madison, WI dentist

If you or a family member is involved in sports, we can make a custom-fit athletic mouthguard. Athletic mouthguards should be worn for any sporting activity.

Custom-fit, Under Armour Mouthguard is offered at Madison Family Dental

under armour mouth guard

Madison Family Dental is pleased to partner with Under Armour to provide athletes with the New UnderArmour performance mouthwear.

Powered by ArmourBite™, Bite Tech’s patented technology, Under Armour Performance Mouthwear is an innovative new line of custom mouthpieces and mouthguards designed to improve athletic performance. UA Performance Mouthwear can help any athlete improve strength, endurance and reaction time, reduce athletic stress and, with the mouthguard, reduce impact from blows to the jaw.

When athletes exert themselves, clenching the jaw is a natural reaction. Teeth-clenching, however, triggers the excess production and release of hormones, such as cortisol, that produce stress, fatigue and distraction, hindering an athlete’s performance. ArmourBite Technology in UA Performance Mouthwear prevents an athlete’s teeth from clenching, pivoting your jaw forward to relieve pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and preventing the excessive production of performance-sapping hormones. This allows the body to unleash its full potential.

Hundreds of professional, Olympic and collegiate athletes have been using Bite Tech’s performance mouthwear products for years. Bite Tech has conducted years of independent studies at some of the nation’s top universities and research centers, including The Citadel and IMG Academies, which have proven the science behind the ArmourBite™ Technology found in UA Performance Mouthwear. Learn more at

Common Questions Answered About Under Armour Mouthguards

How does Under Armour Performance Mouthwear differ from mouthguards?

Mouthguards provide protection. UA Performance Mouthwear, which includes mouthpieces and mouthguards powered by ArmourBite Technology, does more: it also enhances performance. It is not only backed by some of the biggest names in pro sports but is also recommended by dentists, pro trainers, strength coaches, and wellness experts.

How do I choose the right Under Armour product?

The UA Performance Mouthguard offers superior protection in addition to its performance benefits and should be used in contact sports such as football, hockey, and lacrosse. The UA Performance Mouthpieces are appropriate for non-contact and limited-contact sports such as running, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, and training.

How long does it take to get a custom piece of Under Armour Performance Mouthwear?

Once you have decided which model is right for you, getting your own Under Armour Performance Mouthwear TM is a simple three-step process. First, your dentist will take your bite impressions. Next, these impressions will be shipped to the lab where your custom-made mouthguard is fabricated. Third, the completed mouthwear is shipped back to your dentist for a final fitting usually within about 10 days.

What can Under Armour Performance Mouthwear do?

  • Increases Strength – with improved airflow and less stress from clenching, UA Performance Mouthwear has been proven to increase strength by an average of 17% with the UA Performance Mouthpiece and 12% with the UA Performance Mouthguard.
  • Increases Endurance – UA Performance Mouthwear enlarges airway openings, resulting in 25% less lactic acid build-up after 30 minutes of intense exercise.
  • Speeds Up Reaction Time – Athletes may respond faster when wearing UA Performance Mouthwear. Clinical trials show an improvement in responding to auditory cues and potential improvement in response to visual cues.
  • Reduces Athletic Stress – Excess cortisol causes stress, fatigue and distraction. UA Performance Mouthwear decreases cortisol production, which means you feel and play better.
  • Reduces Impact – When the jaw suffers an impact, energy can be transmitted to the head, which can cause concussion. UA Performance Mouthguards have been shown to reduce the G-Force impact of blows to the jaw by up to 20%.

How should I care for a mouthguard?

Clean your mouthguard by washing it with soap and warm (not hot) water. Do not bend your mouthguard, and don’t handle or wear someone else’s mouthguard.

How best to take care and store my mouthguard?

Before storing, soak your mouthguard in mouthwash. Keep your mouthguard in a well-ventilated plastic storage box when not in use. Make sure the box has several holes so the mouthguard can fully dry.

Is heat bad for mouthguards?

Yes, heat is bad for the mouthguard material, so don’t leave it in direct sunlight or a closed automobile.

Madison Family Dental’s Dental Appliance Treatment Options

NTI Appliance

The NTI is a small appliance worn on either the top or bottom front teeth that prevents teeth clenching, grinding, jaw pain and headaches. You and your dentist should decide together if an NTI would be best for you.

Silent Nite Snore Guard

The Silent Nite prevents snoring by opening the airway to make breathing easier. It works by moving the lower jaw into a more forward position. The Silent Nite is custom made from casts of your teeth and will therefore fit better than an over-the-counter anti-snoring device. If snoring is keeping you or a loved one up at night, this type of appliance may be beneficial.

Sleep Apnea TAP Appliance

Sleep apnea oral appliances are custom-fitted by your Madison Family dentist to help patients sleep soundly by minimizing effects of sleep apnea like snoring.  These FDA-approved devices treat sleep apnea by preventing airway obstruction and allowing the patient to breathe easily and continuously.

One example of an oral appliance is the TAP.  The TAP holds the lower jaw in a forward position so that is does not shift nor fall open during the night, which prevents the airway from collapsing. Studies have shown the oral appliance is an effective first-line therapy for mild to moderate sleep apnea.

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