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For a confident smile.

As a growing clinic, we want to provide more services for our patients. With the growing interest of orthodontics, we are able to provide more than just a straight smile with our interceptive and cosmetic orthodontics offerings. From kids to adults, we are proud to give our patients many options to the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

You can now receive an array of orthodontic options from one of our orthodontics providers:

Orthodontics Transcription

We offer lots of different ortho services at Madison Family Dental, and I’m going to talk a little bit about what we’ve got for our patients.
Given that we are an all-ages clinic, we start seeing kids at a year, and we have lots of older patients too. Something that comes up fairly often is the question of orthodontics, and really “who is that right for?”

I would say there’s no right age for ortho — we have a lot of adults that are coming back in [as their] kids are out of the house and now they feel like it’s their time to explore their orthodontic treatment, and we see a lot of kids coming in [around] six or seven years old that maybe they have more growth issues going on. Sometimes we’ll see kids coming in with a jaw that’s shifted one way or the other, or maybe the whole top jaw is inside of the lower jaw. So, it’s really an interesting area that we are working in, and we really like it a lot.

Seeing the kids and taking them with appliances and things like that to help develop [their] airway or a more normal growth pattern in their jaw, simply just making room for teeth that would be blocked out, where in the past we would have maybe thought about taking some of the adult teeth out, in order to make room for those teeth in the long run. That’s something we don’t do very much of anymore. By doing more of the functional ortho that we’ve got now, the idea is to lay the framework really to have all the teeth fit in, have nice development, good airway, and a really nice solid foundation forever and ever.

With adults, it’s a little bit trickier on some of that jaw development type stuff because as adults, we’ve been through most of our growing and that’s kind of completed by the time we see you — however, there’s still a lot of things we can do.

We use some appliances for adults, we have options for traditional straight-wire orthodontics with brackets and wires, we have removable options like Invisalign or bio liners. Really, probably the most important thing is talking with your dentist, and maybe it’s your dentist that identifies the problem, or maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a long time, too — and so really just when you’re in, having that conversation, and then moving, kind of taking that next step in finding out what your goals are.

Also what we see a lot of times, I’ll see people that come in for ortho consultations and they’ll say “well I had this one tooth that’s bothering me here,” well then in the course of us talking and looking, we’ll see like “okay well you’re a little narrow in the back, you’ve also got this going on here, have you thought about that?” We really try and take a total picture of the person before we come up with a plan. And then sometimes our plan is the same as your plan, and sometimes I see patients that come in simply for some anterior cosmetic work, and we certainly can do little touch-ups like that — but it is really nice from a long-term stability standpoint to be able to treat all of the dentition and make sure that you know your bite looks nice, that you have room for your tongue, and that airway space is good in the back. With adults there’s a little bit more limitation there, however, we still get really great results with adults.

With kids, the nice thing about doing ortho on kids is we get to play around with that growth and we get to help guide that growth, so a lot of it, oftentimes we refer to it as functional orthodontics and a lot of it has to do with proper oxygenation, good airway space in the back, we always look for things like large tonsils, do they snore, are they a restless sleeper, are they grinding, do we have any behavior-type issues going on — that sort of stuff. The thing I like most about kids is that it’s not just straightening your teeth — it’s also kind of all these developmental things along the way, and hopefully by kind of correcting some of those things early on, maybe down the road we end up and we don’t have that adult that has sleep apnea, or we don’t have that adult that has that extensive wear from all those grinding patterns.

There’s a lot of great options, we’ve got a lot going on here, and if you have any interest, you should come on in and talk with your dentist!

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