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Restorative Dentistry

Madison Family Dental Restores Your Smile

There are multiple treatments categorized as restorative dentistry. No matter the procedure, the primary goal is to restore the function of the missing tooth structure. Our goal at Madison Family Dental is make you feel comfortable during each of these procedures.

Our restorative treatments include:

Restorative Dentistry

“Restorative dentistry is a category of dental procedures that are designed to restore your smile. These procedures include fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and also dentures.

With fillings, we usually do white or silver fillings. We do white on the front teeth, and we do silver on the back. A lot of patients nowadays are doing white everywhere, so we’ll do white on the back and the front of the teeth. These are used for easy, simple areas of decay that you have, we replace with a smaller restoration like that.

For crowns, if the patient has broken a tooth, broken a large piece of the tooth off, or it has a fracture in it that’s very sensitive when they bite down, we recommend more of a crown, which is a full-coverage restoration that we can slip over the whole tooth to keep it nice and sound and give its function back to the patient. 

For bridges and implants, those are used a lot to replace single missing teeth. A bridge is like three crowns in a row that will anchor to two teeth that are natural and the missing tooth would be the one that’s suspended between the bridge, so we cement that on there and that’s a nice lifetime restoration for a patient to replace one missing tooth.

We can do dentures for them, and those are good for partial dentures. Partials can just anchor to existing teeth, and just replacing part of your teeth that are missing, like four or five or six teeth that you had even on the top or bottom — that’s good to do with partial dentures. 

Now if the patient’s missing a whole arch of teeth, like the whole upper teeth are gone or your whole lower teeth, we’ll do full dentures on those. Those can replace all your missing teeth, anchor more to your gum tissue and your cheek area, and they kind of support and function like a normal restoration, but those are called full dentures for people who are missing all those teeth like that.

At all of our restorative appointments, our main goal is to provide the patient with a positive and very comfortable experience. We will fully explain any treatment that the patient needs, make sure the patient understands what we’re doing for that, and then answer any questions that they might have for sure.

At MFDA, our longtime goal is we pride ourselves on establishing a long-term relationship that’s built on trust and confidence with every patient that we see.”

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