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Our Technology

The Most Time-Tested Madison Dentist Technology is Used at Madison Family Dental to Maximize Your Comfort and Provide Outstanding Patient Care.

Below is a list of some of the dental technology our hygienists and Madison dentists offer to Madison Family Dental Associates patients.

Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaler

Used to remove soft plaques from around the tooth for extra healthy gums.

Orascoptic Loops

With these loops we can see your tooth structures and soft tissues up close and in detail.

Digital X-rays

Instant x-ray images with 90% less exposure.

Digital Panelipse

Instant panoramic x-ray of the entire jaw with less exposure.

Intraoral Camera

Full-color, detailed photographic images of teeth and soft tissues. Our pediatric patients love this technology because it allows them to see the inside of their mouth up close and right on the screen!

iPod for Patient Comfort

Digital music of all genres with disposable earbud covers to put patients at ease.

DentalVibe for Patient Comfort

The utilization of this product greatly reduces the discomfort when receiving a local anesthesia (the “shot” in other words). Learn all about it here, or visit the official product website.

Laser Dentistry

We’re proud to offer laser dentistry for our patients. Learn more on our laser dentistry page.

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