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How do Mandibular Abnormalities Contribute to Sleep Apnea

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Evan
How do Mandibular Abnormalities Contribute to Sleep ApneaSleep apnea is a disorder that occurs due to obstruction of the airways during sleep, particularly the upper airways, which leads to a reduced level of oxygen while sleeping. Mandibular abnormalities affect the nasal airways, thus making it challenging to sleep due to breathing problems and sleep apnea. Below are various ways mandibular abnormalities lead to sleep apnea and the treatment options available.

Obstruction of the Airway

Mandibular abnormalities lead to obstruction of the airway leading to a narrow airway. The narrow airway occurs due to reduced jaw size, which leads to reduced airway size. As a result, an individual tongue falls back, blocking the airways while sleeping and leading to breathing challenges.

Bite Problems

Mandibular abnormalities cause bites problem, including overbite and underbite. These conditions occur when there is an overlap of the upper teeth and the lower teeth. When the upper teeth surpass the lower teeth, and overbite occurs when the lower teeth grow past the upper teeth, an underbite occurs. These two conditions cause the tongue and the tissues of the teeth to fall back, thus blocking the airways and leading to sleep apnea.

Treatment Options Available

Orthognathic Surgery

The surgery is essential in correcting mandibular abnormalities to improve airway functionality. Most surgery leads to positioning the back of the upper and lower jaw to create more space for airway passage.

Use of Airway Pressure Machine

The airway pressure machine helps deliver a constant flow of air pressure, allowing the airways to remain open while sleeping. The device is standard in treating sleep apnea as it addresses mandibular abnormalities.

In addition to the airway pressure machine, mandibular advancement devices are essential appliances that help to keep the airway open by holding the lower jaw forward. Dentists use these appliances to treat mild and severe sleep apnea situations. Sleep apnea has effective treatment options. If you suffer from this condition, visit our dental clinics near you for quality treatment services.

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