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Can Certain Foods Worsen Your Gum's Health?

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Evan
Can Certain Foods Worsen Your Gum's Health?Maintaining oral health is important but does not end with teeth brushing. What you put in your mouth also plays a significant role in this process. Healthy eating is essential in harnessing your oral health. Some food causes plaque that results in gum diseases. For instance, plaque is the cause of gingivitis. This mild gum disease can advance to periodontitis if not treated on time. The consequences of such diseases include tooth loss, infection, and gum recession. Fortunately, you can prevent this by observing what you eat. Below are some of the foods that can worsen your gum's health.

Sport Drinks and Soda

Soda is a favorite drink for many people. Probably, you are a fan of these drinks. While you enjoy sipping them, you endanger your gums each time. Sports drinks and sodas contain acids that not only harness tooth decay but also erode your gums. In addition, they have high sugar concentrations that promote the building of plaque. The result is the development of gum diseases. Avoid these drinks and consider taking water instead.

Candies and Sugary Snacks

Snacking is a common norm, and everyone enjoys it. They are perfect treats, particularly when on a day out in a park or road trip. As you enjoy them, it is crucial to be mindful of the consequences. These treats are sugary – one of the teeth' enemies. In particular, the sticky candies that require a lot of time to consume offer an excellent ground for bacterial growth. You can avoid them. If it is impossible, consider rinsing your mouth after consuming them. Do not brush the teeth immediately, as you will worsen the situation by pushing the remnant into the teeth and gum.

Acidic Fruits and Juices

Everyone enjoys a glass of fruit juice or a slice of fresh fruit. They contain a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients. As they benefit your body, they have a hurting effect on your gums. These fruits and juices contain acid that can damage your gums. Thus, you should limit their consumption. In case you do not have an idea of what is good for your gums, reach out to us for professional dental care and dietary guidance.

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