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Is There Such a Thing As Too Many Vitamins and Minerals When It Comes to Your Dental Health?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
3D-printed tooth sitting on a blue background next a scattered number of plain, white pillsYou have heard people speak for years about how important it is to ensure your body gets enough minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. Your teeth and gums are no different. They need vitamins to continue fighting infection and prevent cavities from forming. While there are people who take no vitamins at all, some people overdo it a bit by taking excessive amounts of vitamins. Is taking too many vitamins harmful to your teeth and gums?

What Vitamins Do My Teeth and Gums Need to Stay Healthy?

Like the rest of your body, your teeth and gums require plenty of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. One of the most important vitamins for your dental health is calcium. Along with vitamin D, calcium helps your teeth and jawbone stay strong and healthy. Potassium and magnesium keep your body from taking calcium from your teeth. Vitamins A and C help fight inflammation, create better blood flow to your teeth and gums, and speed healing. Phosphorous gives your body the tools it needs to create strong teeth.

Should I Take More of the Vitamins Than Is Recommended?

It is important for you to understand that, in most cases, if you overdo it on the vitamins, your body will take what it needs and simply get rid of all of the vitamins it cannot use at the moment, so it would be difficult to take a harmful dose of vitamins. However, there are vitamins that can cause problems in your body if you overdo it.

For example, too much calcium can lead to kidney stones, heart issues, and weaker teeth and bones. Too much vitamin C leads to vomiting and diarrhea, which could introduce stomach acid into your mouth and weaken your teeth or cause dehydration, making your gums more susceptible to infection. Too much vitamin A causes dry lips and gums, as well as dry skin, headaches, and rashes. Like a lot of things in your life, moderation when taking vitamins is key.

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