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What to Do If You Chip One of Your Front Teeth

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Evan Admin
What to Do If You Chip One of Your Front TeethIf you chip one of your front teeth, give our dental team a call immediately. We can improve the looks of your tooth by bonding the tooth or covering the flaw with a porcelain restoration called a veneer.

Treating a Chipped Front Tooth

As one of the most cost-conservative approaches for treating a chipped tooth, bonding makes it possible to repair a chip and make a fractured tooth look natural. You can also have a veneer placed on the tooth if you prefer a longer lasting or more permanent restoration.

How Bonding Works

If you have the tooth bonded, we will apply a conditioning gel before adding a resin to the tooth. The conditioning gel makes it easier to apply the resin. Once we add the resin, we will cure it and harden it with a special dental light. This will allow us to shape the tooth and polish it to perfection.

Adding a Veneer

If we place a veneer, we will add a thin porcelain shell that looks just like your natural tooth. We will need to shave off a small layer of enamel so the veneer will fit properly. After the veneer is fitted, it is essential that you regularly brush and floss each day, as you do not want decay to develop under the restoration. Naturally, you should regularly brush and floss anyway, but you still know this information so that the veneer will last longer.

If you have a chip or chips in your tooth or teeth, we can improve your smile's appearance. In some cases, chips may result from bruxism or tooth grinding and clenching. Whatever the reason, we will make the necessary repairs and help you with any underlying conditions. Give us a call now to schedule a cleaning and exam. We can always make time in our schedule to see you and treat any dental concerns you may have.
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