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Medical Conditions And Oral Health

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Evan
Medical Conditions And Oral HealthYou may be wondering why our dentists ask for your medical history when you visit our practice. Your medical record is usually essential since some of the medications you may be taking affect your oral health. Moreover, your medical condition may alter the type of dental treatment suitable for you.

Kidney disease

Patients with kidney disease are more susceptible to dental problems such as gingivitis and bad breath. It is essential to inform your dentist of this condition so that he can book your dental appointments on the days you are not going for dialysis treatment. Combining dental arrangements and kidney dialysis may lead to complications.

Blood thinners

Blood-thinning medication may cause excessive bleeding. Therefore, you must inform your dentist if you are on such medication so that he can advise you on how to take the drug to avoid bleeding out during dental procedures such as tooth extraction.


Diabetes has the effect of slowing down the healing process. Diabetic patients usually develop a dry socket after tooth extraction since the socket heals at a slower rate than usual. Diabetes also increases the chances of developing gum disease.


HIV weakens your immune system leading to oral problems such as gingivitis. This virus also causes a dry mouth, making you more susceptible to tooth decay. Therefore, it is essential to inform your dentist if you have HIV so that he can advise you on the steps you can take to control it.

Personal information concerning your medical history is confidential. Our dentists will keep the information in your patient notes which are not shared. In addition, our experts will always seek your approval if they want to contact your doctor for any clarifications. Drop by our offices for quality services that will have a positive effect on your underlying medical conditions.
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