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How Preventive Dentistry Saves Your Smile

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Evan Admin
How Preventive Dentistry Saves Your SmileIt's common for people to visit a dentist only when they have dental issues. However, It's wise enough to have regular visitation habits with our dentists, at least once every six months. Preventive dentistry entails regular dentists' visitation, even without dental problems, just for oral checks. It helps prevent dental problems such as gum disease and tooth cavities. The advantage of preventive dentistry is accrued by saving the overall costs of future worsened treatments since your issues will have been dealt with at early stages.

Preventive dental services

Oral examinations

With oral examinations, the dentist can spot any arising dental issue like tooth cavities; thus, the doctor can make a filling to avoid the formation of tooth decay. The dentist can also detect any sign of gum disease at an earlier stage and take the necessary intervening initiatives.

Teeth cleaning

The dentist will be able to clean your teeth if there is a plaque formation that can lead to tooth cavities. You will also be instructed on proper brushing techniques and flossing of teeth when performing oral hygiene. Therefore maintain your general oral health resulting in whitish teeth for an amazing smile.

Fluoride treatment

Our dentist will help you get the best fluoride treatment for your enamel. Fluoride helps strengthen natural tooth enamel, therefore, preventing tooth cavities. Fluoride can be found in toothpaste and tap water.

Cancer detection

By visiting the dentist regularly, we will be able to detect any potential cancer symptoms. The dentist will carry out an oral examination and thus know whether your oral health is fit and if any issues are found, they are addressed accordingly.

A healthy balanced diet will enable you to minimize the chances of getting infected by dental problems such as tooth cavities and gum diseases. Avoid too many sugary and acidic drinks since they are harmful to your dental health. Good general hygiene will help keep your oral condition better. Please book an appointment with our dentists, as we offer preventive dentistry services.

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