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Dental Fillings
Madison, WI

Rendering of teeth with 3 filling materials at Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WIDental fillings, a general service, are artificial materials used to fill holes or cavities caused by tooth decay, which covers areas from where bacteria can enter the tooth, thus preventing further decay. Fillings are known to be helpful with cracked or broken teeth. They also help repair teeth that have been worn out from tooth grinding, clenching, or nail-biting. If you want to get rid of your cavities while maintaining your natural smile, our team, Madison Family Dental Associates, can help.

Types of Fillings

Composite fillings are one of the various types of fillings. They are also known as filled resins, which is a combination of plastic and glass, and can be made to match your tooth's color. Composite fillings are usually used on the front teeth or the visible parts. They are exceptionally durable and stronger than amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings are a combination of metals such as silver and mercury, which is why they are used to fill the cavities in the back teeth. These filings are strong and have a life-span of at least ten years. Another type is known as gold fillings, which are made from gold as the name suggests. These filings are incredibly durable and tend to last longer versus any other fillings. They are more expensive than other types, and do not match the color of your teeth, however. In addition, ceramic fillings match the tooth color and are made of porcelain. They are very good with resisting tooth stains that appear over time, but can cost around the same as gold fillings.

Glass ionomer is another type of dental fillings made from a mixture of acrylic and glass. It is most commonly used for the tooth with decay extending below the gum. It provides fluoride, which protects your teeth, and they will last around five years or less.

Steps Involved in Filling a Tooth

The first step in filling a tooth is numbing the area round that tooth with a local anesthetic. Next, an instrument will be used, which can include a drill, laser, or an air abrasion, to remove the area that has been decayed. The use of a tool depends on the degree of decay. After that, the decayed part will be tested to check if all the decay has been eliminated. After eliminating the decay, the cavity of bacteria will be cleaned to make space for the filling.

A composite resin liner, glass ionomer, or other product is used to protect the nerve when the decay is near the root. After the filling is done, the matching colored material is applied to the tooth. The next step includes using a special light, which helps to harden each layer of the material applied to the tooth. Once the process of multilayering is done, the composite material is brought to the desired shape. The excess material is removed by trimming it, and at last, the last restoration will be polished. It is noticed that after the tooth fillings, the patient might feel pain or experience tooth sensitivity for a temporary period, but there is no need to be worried about it because it goes away with time.

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Dental Fillings are known to be helpful with cracked or broken teeth. Give Madison Family Dental Associate a call if you want to get rid of your cavities!
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