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Digital X-ray
Madison, WI

A dental assistant and patient looking at the x-ray from Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WI.Digital radiography is a diagnostic, record keeping, and treatment planning tool made of a projection probe and a receptor. A classic example of digital imaging in dentistry is the use of bitewing and MCT imaging.

Unlike traditional x-ray imaging, digital radiography exposes you to fewer radiations and provides images for immediate viewing. We at Madison Family Dental Associates take full advantage of the benefits digital radiography have to offer as it is a superior choice amongst others, and we value the care provided to you.

Types of Digital Radiography Systems

Each digital radiography system has its pros and cons. The systems present in a clinic will not all be used at once, nor will they be present in the same room.

The most common digital radiography device used is an intraoral device. It is a miniature camera attached to capture images of the inside of the mouth. They use very little radiation and produce high-quality images. There are two most famously used intraoral devices, namely, bitewing and periapical x-rays. The latter is used for imaging of a single tooth deep within its cavity, well beyond its roots. On the other hand, bitewing imaging requires you to bite down on a film to produce images of both upper and lower jaws simultaneously.

Additionally, there are extraoral radiography devices. These include multi-slice computed tomography (MCT) and digital panoramic x-rays machines. Digital panoramic x-rays rotate entirely around the head and are the best imaging method for capturing images of your full-arch. Multi-slice computed tomography (MCT) is used in cases where "slice" imaging is needed. It produces images as multiple layers that allow viewing of structures that are otherwise difficult to identify.

Another vital part of a digital radiography system is digital imaging software. This software is a managing tool for producing, enhancing, and planning of treatments.

Advantages of Digital Radiography Systems

Digital radiography tools are superior in terms of the benefits they offer. These imagining technologies expose patients to few doses of radiations, producing higher-quality images in a shorter time.

Faster production of images is because digital imaging eliminates the need for production rooms and is safer due to less exposure to chemicals used in its production, making it an eco-friendly option. These images can easily be shared and transferred via emails rather than having to transport hard copies.

Moreover, if there is ever a need to produce duplicates, the images are stored in large storage drives (an added advantage) and easily retrieved. Additionally, radiography features allow you to manipulate images in order to make viewing easier. The options provided range from sharpening to coloring.

Basics of Using Digital Radiography

An x-ray beam is projected through a probe and is detected via a receptor. Once the receptor picks up these x-ray beams, an image is produced on the screen for instant viewing.

The beams projected are a form of analog data. This data is grey-scale, and prior to viewing, needs to be converted via an analog to digital converter. The digital radiography device may either be wired or wireless.

We regularly make use of digital radiography over conventional imaging. To know more about digital imaging, or the other dental services we offer, call us at 608-274-5970 or visit Madison Family Dental Associates.
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We at Madison Family Dental Associates take full advantage of the benefits digital radiography has to offer. To know more about digital imaging, call us today!

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