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Welcome, Dr. Greta Hevesi. She will be joining our practice this July!
Dr. Hevesi at Madison Family Dental Associates.

Family Dentistry in Madison, WI

Madison Family Dental Associates is dedicated to providing dynamic dental care to the whole family. We offer pediatric care for our youngest patients and restorative and preventive care for adults and senior citizens.


Our comprehensive dental exam ensures early detection of gum diseases, tooth decay, infections, and cavities and is necessary for good oral health.

Dental Sealants

This dental treatment prevents tooth decay by covering the chewing surfaces of premolars and molars with a protective coating.

Oral Cancer Screening

The oral cancer screening exam involves a detailed examination of the mouth to check for mouth sores or red and white patches. It is recommended to have a screening every three years once you turn 20 and every year once you’re 40.

Dental Cleanings

Plaque and tartar can deposit on the teeth over time and cause tooth decay and gum and dental diseases. Regular dental cleanings give you a great smile and help you to maintain excellent oral health.

Night Guards & Sports Guards

Night guards prevent you from grinding your teeth during the night, while sports guards are recommended for wearing while playing a sport to prevent accidental injuries. Your dentist can custom design them for you, so they fit you perfectly.

Dental Implants

Even though dental implants are the closest thing to natural teeth, and nothing else matches their longevity, they can still stop working after 25 years. Still, that’s a long-term treatment option. If you adopt good nutritional habits, follow oral hygiene practices, and refrain from drinking and smoking, you won’t need to replace your implants early.

Periodontal Care & Maintenance

Periodontitis, or gum disease, invites a whole host of dental problems. Our dentists will design a personalized treatment plan for you after a detailed examination. For chronic periodontal disease, periodontal maintenance requires regular checkups.

Pediatric Dentistry

Children should be encouraged to adopt good dental habits. A part of this requires regular dental visits from the age of one years old. Dentists at Madison Family Dental Associates can check for problems, remove build-up, and polish baby teeth to prevent cavities and other dental issues.

Dental Fillings

When it comes to filling a cavity in a tooth, your dentist examines the holes or gaps and decides on the best filling material to even out the tooth’s surface.

Dental Crowns

You may require a dental crown if you have a tooth that is in danger of weakening or breaking apart. Sometimes you can be asked to get one to help restore the health of a broken or a decayed tooth. Dental crowns can help return the tooth back to its original shape.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are an effective and long-lasting method to replace missing or damaged teeth. They’re easy to clean and are a less invasive method of smile restoration.

Dentures: Complete, Partial & Custom

Dentures are prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth while providing a confident appearance. Partial dentures replace one to three missing teeth, complete dentures are recommended when a patient has lost most of their natural teeth, and custom dentures provide an exact fit of a patient’s mouth.

Inlays & Onlays

Following tooth decay, an onlay is used to cover a cusp of a tooth, while an inlay replaces the lost surface or part of any tooth. Inlays and onlays are ideal when the decayed area is too large for a filling but too small for a dental crown.

Tooth Extraction

In case of irreparable tooth damage, your dentist will extract the problematic tooth from its socket tooth by administering local, tropical, or general anesthetic. Tooth extraction is also recommended while fitting braces.

Root Canal

The dentists at Madison Family Dental Associates use the root canal treatment when a bacterial infection has damaged the pulp of the teeth beyond recovery. This procedure relieves dental pain and saves the tooth.

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