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How Long is the Recovery Process for Implants? Madison, WI

Beautiful Black couple speaking with dentist about the recovery process for Dental Implants from Madison Family Dental Associates in Madison, WIAt Madison Family Dental Associates, we offer dental implants as a solution for replacing your missing teeth. Dental implants are a modern revolutionary alternative to bridges and dentures, providing you with some benefits over traditional treatments. Dental implants look much more natural, they function just like your real teeth, and they feel completely natural as well. They are more comfortable and easier to care for. They are also meant to be a permanent solution to tooth loss and help to protect the integrity of your jawbone. However, unlike other treatments, dental implants require a surgical procedure for placement. This procedure involves incisions in the gum tissue as well as holes drilled into the jaw. Due to the nature of the procedure, there is a period of recovery that is needed.

The Length of Recovery after Surgery

Healing after dental implant surgery varies from person to person. It can take anywhere from two to six months, although some patients take longer. The exact amount of time it takes you to recover from surgery depends on several factors. One of the biggest contributing factors is the number of implants that are placed. In most cases, the more implants that are placed, the longer your recovery takes. A bone graft can also play a role. This procedure is done when you do not have enough bone mass remaining in your jaw to support the implants. It restores missing mass, providing the stability you need. A bone graft is a surgical procedure that has its own recovery period.

Integrating the Implants into the Jaw

Another major factor that contributes to your recovery time is a process known as osseointegration. This is the process in which your natural bone fuses to the titanium posts, securing them into place in your jaw. This process occurs gradually, and there is nothing that can be done to speed it up. It takes about six months for osseointegration to fully complete. As you heal after implant surgery, you will have several follow up visits. These visits are done to make sure that the implants are integrating properly, and that there are no complications. Once the implants have completely integrated, we can then place your permanent ceramic crowns on top.

Factors That Can Affect Your Recovery

Before you go home after your surgery, we provide you with a specific set of aftercare instructions. These instructions are meant to help you heal properly and avoid experiencing any complications. There are certain factors that can affect how long it takes for you to recover after implant surgery as well as the success of your implants.
•  Smoking and other tobacco products. Smoking slows the healing process and raises your risk for infections.
•  Excessive alcohol use. If you drink too much, it can interfere with blood coagulation.
•  Poor nutrition. Certain types of foods, such as those that are hard, crunchy, chewy, or sticky, need to be avoided while you heal. However, getting proper nutrition is essential to ensure that you heal properly. It is important that you eat nutritious foods and do not skip meals. As you heal, you can slowly regain your normal diet.
•  Poor oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing is also an integral part of proper healing. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a buildup of plaque and bacteria, which can greatly increase your risk for infection.

The exact length of recovery following implant surgery varies from patient to patient. However, after successful integration and a full recovery, you are left with stable supports for your replacement teeth. Call Madison Family Dental Associates today for more information at 608-274-5970.

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Healing after dental implant surgery varies from person to person. It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, though some patients take longer. Call to learn more!
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