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Blonde little girl smiling in dental chairAt Madison Family Dental Associates, our main goal is to prevent oral hygiene problems before they occur. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Even with a good dental hygiene regimen and regular appointments, tooth decay and other issues may still arise. It all depends on your child’s risk factors.

As pediatric specialists, we offer several restorative treatments that can improve your child’s oral health. Most of our restorative services, like those listed below, are designed to repair the function and aesthetics of a damaged tooth. The type of treatment we recommend is dictated by your child’s individual needs.

Early Childhood Cavities

Tooth decay, or dental caries, is one of the most common childhood dental problems. If tooth decay is left to progress, cavities will occur. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 20 percent of children below the age of six experience early childhood cavities.

During your child’s appointment, will perform a comprehensive exam to check for cavities and other dental problems. If we diagnose any instances of decay, your child may need restorative treatment.

We typically treat minor to moderately-sized cavities with a dental filling. Most fillings these days are made of composite resin due to the vast cosmetic improvement over more traditional materials like amalgam (silver fillings).


While we will always try to preserve teeth, there are certain occasions where extraction is necessary. We may recommend an extraction to remove a problematic tooth that would otherwise create worse complications for your child’s oral health. The most common reasons for extraction include:
•  Tooth Decay: An extraction may be necessary if there is too much decay for a less invasive treatment option.
•  Structural Damage: Trauma to the facial structures can chip, fracture, or break a tooth beyond repair.
•  Space Management: If your child has teeth crowding issues, we may recommend extraction in preparation for orthodontics. An extraction creates the necessary space in the mouth to move the teeth to their proper positions.
•  Over-Retained Primary Teeth: Many children have primary (baby) teeth that fail to fall out in time. We may recommend an extraction to make space for the permanent teeth once they are ready to erupt.

Root Canals

Saving a primary tooth can be just as important as protecting a permanent one. Premature tooth loss can cause the remaining teeth to shit out of alignment, which interferes with speech, chewing, and the eruption of permanent teeth. If your child has deep tooth decay that affects the interior pulp, a root canal may be necessary to save the tooth.

The pulp consists of the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues responsible for the life of the tooth. Infection in the pulp can jeopardize the tooth and result in significant pain. During a root canal, we remove the affected pulp to stop the spread of infection and save the tooth.

Frenectomy Procedure

A frenectomy is a cosmetic and restorative procedure designed to address problems related to the frenum (a band of soft tissue). There two frenums in the mouth: one that attaches the gums to the upper lip and one that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

A labial frenectomy will correct a gap between the two upper front teeth. A lingual frenectomy will correct the immobility issues with the tongue. We may recommend a frenectomy if your child’s frenum is too tough, large, short, or tight.

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