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TMJ related problems occur due to the dysfunctionality of joints that appear to be connected on one side of your head and in front of ears that forms a link with the jaw. These joints allow people to talk, chew, swallow, and indulge all actions that involve the jaw moving up and down. Hence it is the most crucial and multi-purpose joint in your body.

However, when the joints become problematic, it is termed as a TMJ disorder. A few severe symptoms indicating TMJ disarray include jaw clicking, popping, headaches, and tenderness in the muscle. But what causes these injuries, dislocation or poor jaw alignment? Clenching teeth maximizes pressure within the mouth that compresses an overall pressure on the joint. Another major element that leads to TMJ is constant stress that tightens the jaws from both sides of the face and results in swelling from the inside. To learn more about your suspected diagnosis and treatment, kindly visit Madison Family Dental Associates.

How Can We Treat You?

At our hub of expert dentists, we treat you with the utmost level of comfort. We will evaluate your specific problem and provide some available treatment options. In severe cases, we may recommend visiting a specialty clinic as each case varies and is distinctive from the rest. For instance, some of our patients may be suggested for braces, while others could be opting for a custom dental appliance, which may consist of a plate, mouth guard, or splint.

There are a few other treating methods that we may suggest such as the adaptation of cold and hot packs, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing therapies, or incorporating medicines. Along with this, patients are encouraged to modify their diet by adding softer foods and refrain from chewing gum and biting nails. In some cases, the patient may also be advised for surgery. To learn more about your suspected diagnosis and treatment, kindly pay a visit to our office.

What Can Happen if TMJ Is Left Untreated?

This complex joint is equally as significant as any other in the human body. If the treatment is kept on pause or left as it is, the problems could get worse. It can lead to damaging the joint entirely with inflammation across the mouth that sometimes is a result of severe and life-threatening heart-related diseases. As this happens, a chain of worsening various parts is affected like nerves, muscles, and an overall mouth that increases complications instead of curbing them. This is why the risks are long-lasting and adverse.

How to Keep Your TMJ in Good Health?

To regulate the motion of TMJ, it is essential to book regular appointments so that our dentists thoroughly assess the situation of the joint and guide accordingly. Our teams of expert dentists thoroughly assess the condition of each individual before proceeding further. In this regard, it is advised you visit your dentist at least twice a year to detect an issue before it arises. Besides, to align mouth health, patients are recommended to follow all prescriptions, dictated as per their need to soothe the TMJ syndrome. Madison Family Dental Associates can answer any questions you have regarding TMD and TMJ. Please call us at 608-274-5970 for more information.
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A few severe symptoms indicating TMJ include jaw clicking, popping, headaches, and tenderness in the muscle. For diagnosis and treatment, visit our office today.
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