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A Parent’s Guide To The Tooth Fairy

A Parent’s Guide To The Tooth Fairy

If you’re reading this, you’re child is most likely getting close to loosing a tooth.  It’s an exciting time, but let’s face it… being the Tooth Fairy is hard work. Don’t worry, Madison Family Dental, is here to help.   After all, we’re not only experts in oral care, we’re also experts in being the “Tooth Fairy”, having families ourselves.  Keep reading ‘The Parent’s Guide To The Tooth Fairy’ for great tips on introducing the Tooth Fairy, currency, containers and *GASP*… what to do if the Tooth Fairy missed your house.

First things, first…



Typically children will start loosing their baby teeth around the ages of 6-7, however, it’s a good idea to start thinking about the Tooth Fairy before he/she needs to flitter into your child’s room at night to collect a tooth while they’re sleeping.

The majority of children love the idea of a little magical fairy that leaves money, toys and goodies in place of their lost tooth, but the Tooth Fairy can be much more than a way to encourage your child’s imagination.  The Tooth Fairy can also be helpful in teach your child good dental habits, make loosing a tooth less scary, and help prevent fear of visiting the dentist.

Here are some resources that you’ll find helpful!


The Berenstain Bears' and the Tooth Fairy book cover Buy on Amazon
The Night Before the Tooth Fairy book cover Buy on Amazon
You Think It's Easy Being A Tooth Fairy book cover Buy on Amazon
Gone with the Wand book cover Buy on Amazon
What Does The Tooth Fairy Do With Our Teeth book cover Buy on Amazon
My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall Out book cover Buy on Amazon


Rise of the Guardians Watch the trailer on YouTube
Tooth Fairy movie Watch the trailer on YouTube

Websites: graphic Visit the Site graphic Visit the Site
Teeth Fairies website graphic Visit the Site

?  ?  ?   WARNING ?  ?  ?   Your little one has a lot of teeth to lose (twenty to be exact)… so remember that when you’re thinking about the Tooth Fairies going rate for a tooth.  If you start out high, you’re going to have to maintain that level of commitment for the next, say… 10-ish years.   That being said, money is not always the answer.  Things like small stuffed animals, small toys, movies, books, a certificate from the Tooth Fairy or fun dental goodies like the below can be great alternatives!

If you want to go with good old fashioned money and our curious about what a tooth goes for today, be sure to visit the Tooth Fairy Index!

Twooth timer Twooth Timer | $10.99
Kids Flossers Crayola Flossers | $3.29
animal toothbrush holders Toothbrush Holders | $7.98
dog toothpaste cap Toothpaste Cap | $7.66
ACT Kids bubblegum rinse Bubble Gum Anticavity Rinse | $3.47
crayola colored toothpast and toothbrush Crayola Colored Toothpaste & Brush | $2.99
tooth fairy certificate Personalized Tooth Fairy Certificate | FREE!
two dollar bill
US $2 Bill | Available at your local bank
tooth fairy pressed penny Tooth Fairy Pressed Lucky Penny | $3.99

‘Tooth Be Told” … you probably don’t want to be digging under your child’s pillow for hours in the dark, so some sort of container to hold that little tooth is key.  It’s also great if you’re a person that is grossed out at the thought of putting a tooth under your pillow or if your child isn’t so sure about the Tooth Fairy coming into their room at night.

Fun & Unique Tooth Fairy Containers:

unicorn stuffed tooth holder Flitterina Unicorn Toothfairy Stuffed Animal | $7.65
tooth fairy door Tooth Fairy Door Gift Set | $19.77
tooth trinket box Pink Tooth Trinket Box | $13.23
glow in the dark twinkle tooth Glow-In-The-Dark Twinkle Toof Tooth | $6.45
dragon stuffed animal Firesworth Dragon Toothfairy Pal | $7.04
lilly tooth fairy wood engraved box Personalized Wood Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box | $12.04
Here are also some great DIY Tooth Fairy projects from Madison Family Dental’s Pinterest page + Blog!
diy tooth fairy costume Madison Family Dental DIY Tooth Fairy Costume
diy tooth pillow Madison Family Dental DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow
tooth fairy receipt Madison Family Dental DIY Tooth Fairy Receipt
tooth fairy box Madison Family Dental DIY Tooth Fairy Box
marshmallow mouth craft Madison Family Dental DIY Tooth Chart
tooth fairy letter Madison Family Dental DIY Tooth Fairy Letter
tooth fairy gingerbread cottage Madison Family Dental Tooth Fairy Candy Cottage
tooth fairy memory game Madison Family Dental DIY Tooth Fairy Memory Game
boy holding tooth fairy certificate Madison Family Dental DIY Tooth Fairy Certificate


Nobody is perfect… not even the tooth fairy!  As hard as we try, it’s inevitable that you’ll forget at least once. Sometimes the tooth just falls through the cracks… literally.  If your child wakes up in the morning and reports that the tooth fairy forgot to come last night, don’t worry, we’re here to help.  Need a creative explanations on why the tooth fairy may have missed your house or other redemption strategies… well, here you go:

#1) HIDE MONEY UNDER A DIFFERENT PILLOW IN THE HOUSE… and laugh about how the Tooth Fairy must have been really confused!

#2) THE TOOTH FAIRY’S BAG OF TEETH WAS OVERFLOWING… so she had to stop for the night, but she’ll be back tomorrow!

#3) BLAME IT ON THE WEATHER (everyone else does!).  Was it was snowing or raining last night?  You know fairies can’t fly if their wings get wet.  The Tooth Fairy is probably waiting for better flying weather.

#4) THE TOOTH FAIRY RAN OUT OF MONEY LAST NIGHT… and unfortunately the bank is only open during the day for her to get more.  She’ll be back and ready for action tonight!

#5) LEAVE AN ‘IOU’ NOTE… to buy yourself some more time.  A note from the Tooth Fairy will still get your child excited and give you an extra day or two!

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