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New Patients

Madison Family Dental is Accepting New Patients. Welcome to Our Family.

Madison Family Dental Associates is a full-service dental care facility in the Madison area. You and your family can depend upon us for exceptional lifetime care. Our dental team is committed to providing technologically-advanced dental services in a friendly and caring atmosphere, and we are proud to celebrate over 30 years of Delivering Healthy and Lasting Smiles, including Invisalign and cosmetic services. We look forward to meeting you and building a strong patient relationship.

As a New Patient at Madison Family Dental, Use Our Website to Access Information You Need

Common Questions New Patients May Have for Madison Family Dental

Do you have convenient appointment hours?

We offer convenient appointments before work, after work, and even during the lunch hour. Our office is open 7am to 7pm Monday through Thursday and 7am to 4pm on Friday.

What length of time do I need to allow for a new appointment?

For your first appointment, we request that you arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled start time to complete necessary paperwork. If you have completed your registration forms and brought them with you, arriving five minutes prior to your appointment will be enough. Your appointment is scheduled with our hygienist for seventy minutes and includes a comprehensive examination by your dentist.

What should I bring to my first visit?

Please bring your completed registration, medical, and dental forms, your insurance cards, and any other information you may have from your previous dentist (e.g. x-rays).

Can my family all see the same dentist?

You and your family members may choose from our staff of seven general dentists.

Do you have female dentists?

Madison Family Dental is proud to have a great team of female doctors: Dr. Lori Veerman, Dr. Alanna Wirtz, Dr. Christine Julian, and Dr. Lindsey Heim.

Can I select my own Madison dentist?

Yes, absolutely! Please feel free to select the dental provider of your choice. All of our dentists are accepting new patients and look forward to meeting you.

What if I don’t know which dentist to select?

Our website has information about all of our dentists. You can read a brief biography of each dentist on our dental team, and when you call to schedule your appointment or request an appointment online, our reception staff will also answer any questions you may have.

What if I have a toothache or problem and I am a new patient?

If you are experiencing discomfort or have other immediate concerns, all of our dentists can accommodate new patients into their schedules. We will make every effort to see you on the same day of your call.

Can I have dental treatment done at this appointment if I am coming in on an emergency basis?

Typically, this appointment is for evaluation. However, if it is possible for the dentist to do treatment to restore your tooth or alleviate your discomfort, they will.

Do your dentists see children?

Yes, we are a family dental clinic and look forward to meeting all of your family’s dental needs. Read more about our Pediatric Dental Services.

Do you do sedation dentistry?

We do not, but we have other alternatives such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or valium.

Do you use lasers for dental work?

We do not. We still believe traditional dentistry is the best form of treatment, providing the most predictable results. We continue to follow the research and will provide you with the best treatment.

Can our family schedule our appointments on the same day?

Yes, absolutely. With seven general dentists and fourteen hygienists on staff and hours from 7am to 7pm, we should be able to accommodate all of your family’s scheduling needs.  Request an appointment online.

Can we make our future appointments ahead of time?

Yes, we schedule appointments out as far as eighteen months.

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