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Patient Perks Program

Thank You for Being a Patient of Madison Family Dental!

Patient Perks

Madison Family Dental is thrilled to announce our Patient Perks program!

Every month, we’ll be partnering with a different local business to provide exclusive offers to our patients.

Through special discounts like BOGO deals and percentages off, our patients will have the chance to explore more Madison businesses. Our community roots have always been important at Madison Family Dental — we couldn’t be more proud and excited to support other local establishments.

We’ve got a full line-up including popular area restaurants and recreation activities. There’s something for the whole family!

In order to receive Madison Family Dental’s monthly Patient Perks, you just have to do two things:

1) Be a Madison Family Dental Patient
Our Patient Perks offers are available to all current and new patients,* regardless of what dentist or location you visit!

You’re eligible to receive them from the moment you schedule your first appointment.

2) Stay in good patient standing
What does “good standing” mean? We want you to prioritize your oral health, so we request that you maintain routine, six-month dental cleanings with us in order to continue receiving Patient Perks offers.

When you come in on a regular schedule, your dentist can catch many dental problems before they start causing obvious symptoms. This makes things like cavities and gingivitis easier to treat in the long run!

If you have any questions about our Patient Perks program, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you want to become a Madison Family Dental patient, you can request your first appointment in just a few clicks online. We can’t wait to meet you!


*Patients over the age of 18 will receive the deals directly via email.

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