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Patient Reviews

See what other people have to say about your Madison dentist at Madison Family Dental.

"Last July I fell and hit my face, which caused my upper four front teeth to break and push through my lip. I also broke my jawbone. After the emergency room, I found myself at Madison Family Dental. They were very helpful and referred me to Dr. Jackson at the oral surgeon’s office. He removed the broken teeth and repaired my damaged gums. Since my front teeth were now missing, I was very self conscious. With the help of Dr. Veerman, Valerie and Rita I was able to receive a flipper that mimicked my front teeth very well. I was able to smile again! After nine months of healing, I finally have permanent replacements for the teeth I lost. Through all of this traumatic event I had the support and care from the staff at Madison Family Dental, from the front desk to the clinical staff. My new teeth look great and feel like they are a part of me again. Everything is truly appreciated, more than each staff member at Madison Family Dental can ever know."


“The receptionist took the initiative to greet me as soon as I walked in the door, making it clear where I needed to go to check in. Bessie was aware of and considerate of my need to be leaving by a certain time. At least once she asked me if I was OK with how we were doing on time. I really appreciated that!” 

“I called for an emergency appointment and was seen the same morning, which was very reassuring.” 

“I was actually taken in earlier than when my appointment was scheduled! Everybody was very friendly, the hygienist was thorough in cleaning my teeth, and Dr. Heim was so knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions. Can’t wait to come back!” 

“I was happy that I could get in for an appointment the next day after calling with my concerns.” 

“Thanks for being understanding about my need to reschedule this appointment — not once, but twice. I appreciate it.” 

“Karen is the best. She didn’t have a patient after me, so, she worked through her lunch so I didn’t have to come back on another day. I appreciated it so much.” 

“Only in for a cleaning.  I am always happy when I can leave and not have to worry about having anything else done.” 

“My hygienist Bessie is very efficient explains every detail on my procedure. She makes me feel very comfortable… fear! I would highly recommend Madison Family Dental.” 

“Thank you – no muss no fuss approach, no drama appreciated! Also appreciated being fit into a cancellation. My teeth are important but are just my teeth. Don’t need to run my life around them, life is too short!” 

“They were running late with my appt….made them aware I was in a hurry and so they had someone else do my X-rays. My hygienist Jeaneen was aware that I was in a bit of rush, and did whatever she could to meet my needs and was very kind and thoughtful.” 

“Dr. Wirtz & her assistant were prompt, compassionate, and very friendly!” 

“I appreciated that Marcia (my hygienist) was able to arrange for a dentist to see me and quickly file my chipped tooth.

“It was kind of staff to get me in early to check my tooth issue.

“It is always a pleasure to visit your clinic. Doris and Doctor Challenger did this time as great job as every my visit. And all people at the reception desk are very friendly and helpful.”

“As always, an easy, efficient visit. Thanks!”

“Dr. Heim’s assistant on Thursday was very helpful – I think her name was Rita. She helped me better understand a different situation than the one I actually came in for and helped me better understand what my insurance options might be. I really appreciated her help in helping me better understand the overall situation.” 

“Robin was wonderful. I have a terrible gag reflex and she was so patient and understanding. She also made sure I was comfortable in the chair. Her tooth cleaning was painless. I’m actually looking forward to having my teeth cleaned again in six months.” 

“I was late, Karen adjusted graciously by reaching the next patient and suggesting he/she come a little later. During my hour, she (with help of a colleague whose name I don’t know) gave me full care and attention without shortcuts. Thanks for the accommodation (I will try not to be late ever again). I was most impressed that Karen thought to take care of the next patient too.”

“Renee was wonderful and was so sweet to my son who came along with me to my appointment. The new water pik was so much nicer than the usual scraping. Thanks!”

“Barb was great. She even made sure my daughter (who had to come with me) was set up and taken care of while she treated me. The dentist was also very nice.” 

“I had to cancel an appointment, was on a cancellation list and the clinic worked me in. Thank you!” 

“I appreciate the efforts made to get me in as soon as possible, even though the schedule was full. It made me feel like I was being treated as an individual, not a number, Thank You!

“I was 20 minutes late to my appointment, and greatly embarrassed about it. Yet Jeaneen and staff at front desk were extremely gracious and got me in. I can’t say enough good things about these people. I have always been impressed with the quality people who work at Madison Family Dental Associates.

“I was particularly pleased that Dr. Challenger got me an appointment with a periodontist later that same afternoon to be able to have an issue dealt with right away.”

“The wait was acceptable and Karen made up for it over her lunch hour. I am very happy with her service.”  

“I was a new patient. Although I had mistakenly stopped at another office (not realizing how many dentists were in close proximity on Odana) and was not early for the paperwork, the staff was very nice. Renee and Dr. Julian were wonderful during the visit, and they explained why a referral was being requested. This is a very nice office and the people I came in contact with were wonderful!” 

“Thanks. I had a meeting that I needed to be at right after my appointment and when I told the receptionist she called to the hygienist and was seen right away. Mackenzie was excellent, and wasted no time and got me out of there while doing a thorough. Please tell her again that I said thanks!” 

“Judy and Dr. Challenger so kindly fitted me in on a busy, late Friday afternoon to quickly make a repair on an emergency basis. It was greatly appreciated.

“Even though my regular doctor was on vacation they got me in to see someone else…Dr. Julian….she was fantastic and so was her assistant…they were very friendly and made sure I understood all before I left. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you to who ever found an open spot so I could come in and get looked at. The appointment reassured me about my worries.” 

“Was taken care of promptly even when my hygienist was delayed. Another hygienist took me in and had xrays completed. I thought that was very special.” 

“Renee was so considerate of our time (we had to be done on time), and she went out of her way to look for a toothbrush for my daughter. She was so wonderful doing x-rays for my daughter (5yrs) – for her first time, Renee was gentle and encouraging. Thanks!” 

“I was impressed with the teamwork I observed. Barb, Debbie and Karen were outstanding!” 

“Ladies at the front desk were welcoming and pleasant. My hygienist was awesome and very reassuring. She also answered all of my questions! Great job!” 

“My experiences with Madison Family Dental are always positive! I especially like to have Theresa, my hygienist all these many years, work with me. The up-to-date dental equipment is always impressive (having started seeing a dentist at the age of 5…many, many years ago. I am a very happy patient!” 

“The staff and hygienists that take care of me are great. Even though I usually only see them every 6 months they take the time to ask about me and my family. I feel that I get excellent care.” 

“Had lovely conversation with Kristen.” 

“Everyone who worked with me was wonderful. Your excellent staff actually makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience.” 

“You guys are the best – for over 20 years!” 

“Everyone is always very friendly, considerate and efficient which is why we have been coming here for many years.” 

“Everyone is always cordial and helpful at your clinic. Marcia is always friendly, helpful and very thorough with the cleanings. My husband and I both enjoy having her for our appointments. I did not see Dr. Veerman this time but have to say she is always concise, helpful and has a wonderful manner with patients. I would give your clinic five stars.”

“Everyone at Madison Family Dental is truly fantastic.” 

“Staff is friendly and competent. I have been coming for about 40 years, and should be your poster child. Thanks for taking great care of my teeth.”

“I have been using Madison Family Dental for many, many years and continue to be impressed with my care. Marsha and Dr Veerman are the best!”

“Doris King is the best. Give her a BIG raise.” 

“My experiences at MFD have always been good. My new hygienist Janine and Dr. Veerman kept me informed and comfortable.” 

“Robin and Dr. Writz are great! I have known them for several years, so we have developed an understanding of each other.” 

“Both Carla and Dr. Julian were wonderful!” 

“Hygienist Renee and Dr. Julian were great to work with.” 

“Doris is wonderful. I just love her!” 

“Our experience was great! It was our first visit for our toddler and it couldn’t have gone better!” 

“My visit went great! Thank you for the painless, precise work.” 

“As always, everyone was friendly and professional. Hygienist Julia made an extra effort to explain my condition.” 

“Very impressive first visit. Thanks!”

“Everyone was very friendly…on the phone setting up the appointment, when we arrived, when we had out treatment. Thanks!”

“Everyone who worked with me was very friendly and for the most part explained what they were doing. Overall a very good experience.”

“Melissa did a great job cleaning my teeth and Dr. Challenger was pleasant and informative. I wouldn’t change a thing. The construction project wasn’t too intrusive and it was good to see that improvements to the 2nd floor will be made.

“The receptionist was very friendly and welcoming. And, as always, Renee is an expert and gentle hygienist. I have been grateful to have her as my hygienist for years and will miss my association with her. She introduced me to Michelle, who will be my new hygienist and Renee recommended her highly. Thanks so much for many years of excellent care.” 

“I just want to let you know what a great asset Theresa is. She’s the main reason that I keep coming.” 

“Teresa has been my connection to MFDA for years. She is an absolute delight; talented, precise and is totally focused on her customers. My children, now grown and living in Washington, Texas and Maryland, often wish that they could relocate to Madison just to have Teresa’s expertise.” 

“Judy and Dr. Challenger are wonderful.” 

“The young lady who I met just inside the new front door was very friendly. Encouraged me to take a pen or two. Such pretty colored pens! My hygienist met me upstairs immediately as I was about 5 minutes late. Cleaning went well and I was out and on my way in a reasonable amount of time, with a new toothbrush, dental floss, dental picks and toothpaste. Keeping a close watch on my three cracked molars and I am keeping my fingers crossed.” 

“The staff did a great job with my 4 year old.” 

“Jeanine was my hygienist and did a thorough and excellent job. She also seemed interested in me as a person and made efforts to connect me with other family members she’s served. As always, Dr. Veerman was friendly, efficient, professional, and wasted no time. Our family loves your practice.” 

“You are doing a great job in all respects and the great consideration and service is always appreciated.” 

“I wouldn’t change a thing. Everyone there gives excellent customer service. Can’t say I enjoy a visit to the dentist, but all the staff makes it as enjoyable as possible.” 

“Dr. Veerman is always a pleasure to see and talk to. This time having Jeanne clean my teeth was also a very pleasant experience. You guys are SO terrific!” 


“Renee made me very comfortable during my cleaning. I enjoyed chatting with her. I enjoyed the new massage chair. The new remodel is very nice, love the colors.” 

“Bessie is great. Her cleaning is very thorough, but not at all painful, and she is very personable.” 

“My dental hygienist, Marcia, is great. Very professional, courteous and friendly. She puts me at ease in a situation that has caused me anxiety. I have been a patient at Madison Family Dental for many years and will be for many more.” 

“Kristen was very friendly and helpful; introduced me to a new cleaning technique that I never had before and I liked it.” 

“I appreciated being able to hold the suction and suction as needed during the cleaning – it gave me a sense of empowerment.”

“Love Barb, my hygienist. Can’t say enough great things about her. Pleasant, professional, considerate, engaged. Great representative of your organization.” 

“Theresa was very professional, exceptionally thorough & cheerful, even as she had to record my gingival depths without assistance. It was my 1st time with this hygienist-a real gem & loyal employee from my observations. She added a very personal touch to an otherwise sterile, but professional, experience at the ever busy Madison Family Dental.” 

“At 96 years of age, I have had contact with many hygienists. Karen is by far the best in all ways.” 

“This was my 3rd time in for a cleaning. It’s the same every time I go in. I used to dread going to the dentist in the past, but I actually enjoy coming in and getting my teeth touched up. The people there are amazing and so friendly.” 

“This was the best, most comfortable, teeth cleaning I have experienced. Thank you.” 

“My hygienist, Carla, was outstanding. I’ve always had very positive experiences with all of my hygienists, but Carla was especially exceptional. She was very thorough in explaining the procedures and especially mindful about my level of comfort. She asked me several times how I was feeling and my cleaning was one of the least painful I’ve ever undergone.” 

“I believe Michelle was my hygienist. Did a great job explaining my x-rays, treatment option for fluoride and the condition of my teeth. Good job cleaning, my co-workers had to wear sunglasses all day because they were so clean and bright!” 

“My 3 year old had his first dental cleaning today and it couldn’t have been a more positive experience! Thank you.” 

“Especially liked the new dental hygienist!” 

“Michelle did a great job with her hygienic services. Can’t imagine going to another dental facility. Always pleased with the service.” 

“Melissa did a great cleaning and it is always nice to see Dr. Challenger.” 

“Our hygienist was extremely kind and great with our son. Thank you to her and Dr. Heim!” 

“My hygienist, Theresa, is always very thorough and gentle. It’s much appreciated.”

“My dental hygienist, Mackenzie S. was very friendly and explained things well.” 

“Doris was a great hygienist. She’s very thorough and complete as well as being extremely kind.” 

“Melissa, my hygienist is so nice! I love having her and want to continue having her.”

“Teresa the hygienist was very personable and efficient. It was a very pleasant dental visit experience.” 

“Lindsay, the dental assistant, was great!”

“Good to see Doris is back! She was my hygienist for years. I enjoy Michelle as she is very good.” 

“Janine is a great hygienist and person.

“My dental hygienist was great and did a thorough, friendly and professional job and I would like to have her do my next semi.”

“My hygienist was fantastic. I would like her to be my hygienist every time if possible.”

“I really liked Carla the hygienist.

“My hygienist was the absolute best!! She realized I do not take good care of my teeth and gave me suggestion on easy ways to “get it done”.

“First time with this hygienist. I hope I get to have her again in the future. And the dentist as well.

“My hygienist is always very nice, thorough and does a wonderful job of cleaning.”

“Michelle is the best hygienist I have ever seen or dealt with and why I will continue to come to use your office! Thanks Michelle!”

“Marcia, the dental hygienist, is wonderful–very thorough, positive, and gentle. We wish that she was following Dr. Julian’s team when the transition happens.”  

“Great hygienist (Marcia), and the staff are always helpful and courteous. It’s rare that I have to wait.”  

“As I am a complete coward when it comes to dental visits, I would like to complement my hygienist on the excellent care she took to assure my visit was as pleasant as possible.”  

“Doris was very friendly and did a great job. She’s well informed on dental health options.” 

“My dental assistant was great! I apologize for forgetting her name and only remembered that she had work with your organization for 20 or 23 years.” 

“I’m pleased to have both Doris as my hygienist and Dr. Challenger as my dentist.” 

“My hygienist was talkative, personable and intelligent. She was efficient and helpful in anticipating my needs. I could not ask for a better experience.”  

“Carla did a great job cleaning my teeth, even though it was painful, and I appreciated that she explained each step of the way what was happening. The new Ultrasonic method was uncomfortable.” 

“Your dental hygienists are all very nice and do a great job of cleaning my teeth. I love Dr. Veerman.” 

“Bessie was great, very peaceful. I feel asleep while she was working on my teeth. Hope I didn’t snore. She has great hands, even in rubber gloves! My teeth are all sparkly and they are so bright they could glow in the dark.” 

“Renee is a great hygienist and was appreciative of the dentist’s friendly yet professional approach!” 

“Doris always makes me feel like I’m in good hands while she’s cleaning my teeth. She is always a joy to see. Thank you!” 

“My hygienist Renee (works with Dr. Julian) is amazing. She’s literally the reason I come to Madison Family Dental (and I drive over half an hour for my appointments). If it weren’t for her, I’d probably lose my teeth. Of course the Doctors are great too, but I think the real face of your organization are the hygienists.” 

“My hygienist Melissa was very good and Dr. Challenger is always great to work with.

“Theresa has been my dental hygienist for many years and she is wonderful!  She is capable, knowledgeable, friendly, and gentle. Dentists come and go, but Theresa remains. I will be devastated when she retires!” 

“My hygienist did an excellent job cleaning my teeth. She was the most thorough hygienist I’ve ever had. She is a great asset to your organization.” 

“Lindsey was great! I requested her to be my hygienist for my next appointment.” 

“Barb is an outstanding dental hygienist.” 

“I am grateful to have regular appointments with Lisa. Her very thorough cleanings are critical for maintaining my teeth and gums. The new interior looks terrific!” 

“The hygienist Kristen was wonderful! She was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. She explained everything to me at my visit. She listened to all my issues/concerns and imparted that information to Dr. Julian, who was very wonderful and went through everything while explaining what work I needed and what could wait.  Dr. Julian  answered all of my questions and made me feel very at ease!” 

“Theresa is a good dental hygienist and good person, and I have enjoyed seeing her over the years. I trust her work and advice.” 

“I really liked my hygienist, Jeaneen.” 

“As always, very meticulous care and cleaning by Michelle, whom I am very happy to have as our family’s hygienist.” 

“Marsha is always pleasant and does a good job. Dr Veerman is top notch. I am so glad they are part of my team to keep me healthy.” 

“Bessie was fantastic, as always. I’m looking forward to seeing her again in May!” 

“My dental hygienist Renee is so attentive. She is very thorough when looking for any potential gum and tooth issues and is super friendly and fun to chat with. I look forward to coming in for my next visit.” 

“I love having Doris as my dental hygienist. So glad she’s back from medical leave.” 

“The dental hygienist was wonderful. She explained better brushing methods to reduce tartar build up. My teeth looked great at the end of the cleaning.” 

“The dental hygienist took extra time to make sure my cleaning was perfect. There were some tricky times but she didn’t give up…rather she took extra time to make sure all the plaque was removed.” 

“Carla, my dental hygienist, remembered me from last visit and was extremely personable and friendly. She was very helpful and caring despite the fact I was the last patient of her work day. Much appreciated!” 

“I always love my experience with your dental office. My hygienist, Marcia, was the best! Gentle, kind and comforting. Thank you.” 

“Lisa, as always, was extremely conscientious and did a thorough deep perio cleaning. Absolutely great in every respect.” 

“Aaron is 3 and I was nervous about his first time to the dentist. Kristen and Dr. Julian were amazing! Kristen put him right at ease, and he brushed his teeth 3 more times when we got home! Thank you Kristen!” 

“Marcia was very friendly and thorough with my cleaning. She asked a lot of questions about how my teeth were doing and made sure any questions I had were answered. Great job Marcia!” 

“Doris is wonderful! Doris has been cleaning my teeth for years. I stayed with Doris instead of staying with my dentist. I just love her!” 

“I think her name was Bessie, I’m not a 100% sure, but I really liked her. I even requested that she clean my teeth on my next visit. She was friendly and effectively explained everything that was being done. She was also gentle, but through while cleaning my teeth. It had been a year and a half since my last dentist appointment and she wasn’t judgmental of that either. I also liked the dentist I had, it was my first time visiting this clinic and everyone was very friendly and accepting.” 

“I really liked my hygienist, Kristin. She did such a great job of explaining what she was going to do before she did it and was really friendly.” 

“I feel fortunate to be under Dr. Veerman’s care.” 

“Melissa is awesome. She is always so nice and answers all my questions in an understandable manner. She makes me feel very comfortable, and I’ve started not dreading going to the dentist!” 

“My hygienist, Karen (who works with my dentist, Dr. Heim) is the best. She takes such good care of me and is kind and very professional. Love her!” 

“Lindsey and Dr. Donnelly were amazing. I was comfortable my entire visit. Everyone I interacted with was friendly and helpful. I’ve lived in Madison my entire life and I have to say that this is the best Dental group I’ve been to hands down. Keep up the good work!”

“Julia- my dental assistant, has a great calm demeanor that helps me relax throughout my visit.” 

“Dental appointments are stressful for me, but Karen always makes me feel as comfortable as possible. Knowing she is concerned about how I am feeling makes all of the difference in the world. Karen is an angel!” 

“This was my first time with Carla and she was great. Despite the fact that I’m scared of the dentist and she had to do some pretty horrible stuff to me, she made the experience pretty positive.” 

“I am a very nervous person and was so happy that Karen really tries to put me at ease during my cleanings. She is very thorough and lets me know what areas I need to work on more. She makes an unpleasant experience into a little more pleasant one and I so appreciate that. Thanks!” 

“Lindsey was great! When I told her I was in pain, she immediately helped make me more comfortable.” 

“My oral hygienist was amazing! I couldn’t thank her enough. I had spent the majority of my 20s living abroad and traveling around. Without being fluent in another language coupled by my shear laziness, I neglected the dentist for more than five years. She was more than empathetic in regards to my situation, made me feel at ease, and did an excellent job. I will definitely be back in six months (not five years). Thank you all again.” 

“I am so nervous about going to the dentist but Dr. Veerman and her assistants (Valerie/Rita) always make me more comfortable which I appreciate so much. Thank you!” 

“No changes. It was perfect. I’m a “scaredy cat” and Dr. Challenger and his assistant were the best, I’m very happy that they are caring for me.” 

“Dr. Heim and her hygienist made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. They always do. Years ago dentists made me very nervous. That’s not true anymore.” 

“I’ve always been a terribly anxious dental patient, but Dr. Julian and the rest of the staff always make me feel as comfortable as possible when I have any work done. I’m very grateful for their patience and understanding.” 

“This was my first crown and Dr. Heim & Valerie were awesome! They explained each step and answered all my questions and concerns. They also made jokes to keep it light hearted and fun. It helped easy my anxiety. Others that are always excellent: Julie Assistant to Dr. Heim and Marcia for hygiene. The billing department also helped me with my questions regarding dental insurance, discounts etc.” 

“Lisa was great! She was very patient with an anxious patient like me.

“Lisa, my hygienist is the best. She understands my discomforts and worries, and makes me feel at ease…as much as possible!”

“I love Dr. Julian and Tammy. They make going to the dentist “worry free”.”

“Lindsay cleaned my teeth. She made me feel very comfortable by making conversation and continually asking how I was doing. She also answered all of my questions and was very patient!”

“This is such a small detail, truly. The services are overall excellent. I would just prefer to watch something on a TV screen (perhaps a TV show) vs. ads/facts. Personally dental visits are not my favorite and distraction is really helpful.” 

“Callie went out of her way to be sure I was comfortable, and explained how I could make my teeth less sensitive. Both she and Dr. Julian were very friendly and took time and explained things to me. And reception area staff helped me find my way back out.” 

“Doris made my visit very pleasurable.” 

“Renee is outstanding, professional, caring about my comfort, always fully engaged during my appointment. I actually look forward coming to the dentist because of her.”  

“I want to say, “THANK YOU” to everyone I met because they made me feel so comfortable. This was the best dental experience I’ve ever had! I am so thankful that you offer later hours, too.”  

“In the new setting Carla did the most comfortable cleaning I have ever had.”  

“Lindsay did a great job. No discomfort at all!!”  

“I met Marcia who was my dental tech. She was friendly and explained all she was doing very well and advised how to care for my teeth even more than I was aware of. Thank you Marcia.”  

“Kristin did my cleaning and she was very friendly, explained things well, and made sure I had everything to ensure proper cleaning at home. She also took the time to show new techniques that she learned which was great!!”  

“I am very satisfied with Dr. Challenger and the dental technicians I have seen at MFDA.”  

“Michelle always told me what was going to happen and reassured me at every step”. 

“Both Amber and Dr. Wirtz are wonderful. Their explanations are always very easy to understand and they make me feel relaxed and comfortable.”

“Dr. Veerman, Rita and Valerie are all very helpful and supportive as I go through my health challenges while wearing Invisalign. Thank you very much.�� 

“Marcia and Dr. Julian are great! They always make my visits as comfortable as possible.”  

“I love Barb. She makes me feel comfortable, answers, takes time to explain what is happening

“I feel so safe in the hands of Theresa. As my favorite technician for many years, she has offered valuable suggestion for my dental health and helped me maintain my teeth into my 80s!

“Bessie was wonderful! She was very thorough in explaining her next move and making sure I was comfortable and informed.” 

“I came in as an emergency. Dr. Lori started the crown and Valerie was wonderful. I am always so comfortable to come there; Madison Family Dental is my home away from home. Thank you again for seeing me and doing the work so efficiently. You are the best!!” 

“My dental hygienist Kristin was very friendly and did a great job making sure that I felt comfortable and that my questions were answered.”

“I had Dr. Challenger re-do a filling. He was very good at making sure I was feeling comfortable during the whole process. I would recommend him.” 

“Bessie and Dr Wirtz were fantastic with my three year old. I was quite impressed with how comfortable they made her feel and how much they were able to accomplish with my typically nervous/stubborn little girl!” 

“Teresa is a wonderful hygienist. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. She is fast, pleasant, skilled and gentle, which is important to me. She is also good at explaining all procedures.” 

“Doris was friendly and gentle.” 

“Dr. Lori, Valerie and Rita were all so skilled and genuinely caring in making a major multiple tooth restoration project happen so successfully. Bless them.” 

“Going to the dentist is not my favorite thing in the world. But, Dr. Heim and Barb made it very comfortable and easy. Both are great at answering questions and are eager to make sure that I understand that not every dental issue is something I could have prevented. I love the ‘Keep doing what you need to do, come see us and we can fix the rest’ attitude!” 

“Good teamwork of Dr. Wirtz and Amber, the assistant. Usual first-class care by Dr. Wirtz. Being seen on the day I called regarding a chipped tooth and having it repaired on that visit were exceptionally good care.” 

“The hygienist was the most gentle I have had ever had! And I valued the dentist’s conclusions.” 

“Excellent service, Dr. Heim, as usual was wonderful, my teeth feel so clean.  Barb did an excellent job. As usual an efficient, actually pleasant visit.”

“Everything was done right from the explanation about the procedure to making me feel comfortable with prep and during the procedure. Much appreciation to Rita, Dr. Veerman, and reception staff.” 

“Sammie, the assistant, was excellent. She really provided the best possible experience: she explained everything she did, had a great professional style and a wonderful attitude. The dentist was flawless and efficient, as well as kind. I couldn’t have asked for a better duo to repair my broken tooth!” 

“Dr. Challenger is the best. I don’t think I would get any better treatment even if I was a family member. When I’m in the chair I feel like I have 100% of his attention.”

“I had a cleaning done by Carla, and later some crown work done by Dr. Julian and Rhonda. They all provide excellent care, and are fun to converse with as well. Thankfully, dentistry really has come a long way since my first trips to the dentist 60+ years ago.” 

“Bessie is the best! She is knowledgeable, friendly, very thorough, and has good rapport with her associates and with patients. I just briefly met Dr. Wirtz, but she was very able to answer all my questions.” 

“Michelle was most pleasant and helpful, as well as Dr. Veerman as she always is.” 

“I think you do a great job, and I have recommended you to friends in the past and will continue to do so.” 

“Lisa, as always, did a wonderful and meticulous job in perio cleaning. She also took pictures and explained what was happening.” 

“Excellent service and communication with Michelle V. and Dr. Lori Veerman.” 

“Melissa was the hygienist and she was a very gentle tooth scraper, which I appreciated. I’ve always liked the staff at Madison Family Dental and like the hours they are open.”

“Lindsay cleaned my teeth and did a great job. She thoroughly explained my troubles spots where I need to pay special attention when flossing. Dr. Donnelly told me about the two areas where I might be developing a cavity. He has done a great job when doing major dental work like giving me a crown.” 

“Always a pleasure seeing Dr. Veerman, Rita and Valerie! And, the receptionist is very personable also!” 

“Lisa as usual was great. I always get great service and my questions are always answered.” 

“I REALLY liked MacKenzie. She’s got a great technique, extremely personable. Give her a raise.” 

“Dr. Veerman and her assistant were outstanding.”

“I love the way my nurse treated me. Dr. Donnelly is the very good doctor.

“Barb took care of me and was EXCELLENT!”

“Karen was AMAZING! She had worked with me once before but this was a great visit. I had seen Michele for many years and I was not looking forward to the change. Karen was GREAT! Explained my gum problems and motivated me to do something that day. Thanks for a great appointment!”

“Mackenzie was very gentle with the cavitron. It was pretty nice.

“Everyone was great, as usual!”

“Michelle is great! I missed seeing Dr. Veerman, but I hope she’s having a wonderful vacation!”

“The nitrous really worked like it should.

“I enjoy seeing Renee! She is fantastic! Personable and thorough! She is so awesome when it comes to my tooth sensitivity.” 

“Marcia, dental hygiene and Dr. Veerman always provide great service.” 

“Robin is great as always.” 

“Happy with care and expertise of Karen the hygienist.”

“Doris is a treasure! She always goes the extra mile to make sure my teeth are as healthy as they can be.

“Everyone treated me very well.” 

“Dentist and staff are always great and very personable. Never have had a problem!”

“Absolutely the best care possible all around!”

“This was my first appointment with Melissa. She was very professional, courteous, gentle, efficient and informative. I will definitely schedule with her in the future.”  

“Kristin was very friendly and I enjoyed my visit. Dr. Julian is a great dentist…very personable and thorough! The massage chair was relaxing and comfortable. The Ultrasonic was a new concept for the cleaning and I liked it better than the scraping with the metal instrument.”  

“The service from the front door to the chair was outstanding. Dr. Challenger is my all time favorite dentist.” 

“I always enjoy the staff and how kind they are, very good at their jobs, owners should be thankful to have such good people.”  

“Lindsay was my hygienist and she was great at explaining.” 

“Barbara does a superb job of cleaning my teeth. Dr. Heim is cordial and thorough. I’m a happy camper. Thanks for asking.” 

“Judy and Dr. Challenger have given me nothing but the most inviting and accommodating experience possible every time I come in. I really appreciate it.”  

“Lindsay was awesome and Dr. Donnelly always has the best interest of the patient first.” 

“Robin was great. She took the time to explain what needed to be done. I’m usually a little nervous in a dental chair, but I was completely comfortable with her.”  

“I am extremely happy with the care always provided.”

“Having to get a crown is no fun, however, my visit to get that procedure started went very well. One little prick and no pain for the rest of the visit! I enjoyed watching the birds!”

“Hygienist was great!” 

��The dental assistant I had was fantastic. She is always friendly and always checks to see how I am doing during the procedures. I hope she is always assigned to me. Thanks!!” 

“Dr. Heim did another wonderful job. She provides great care and service, and is good with  communicating any potential concerns or issue, no matter how minor they are. She is a wonderful dentist.” 

“Michelle did an excellent job on my teeth. Very thorough.” 

“Theresa was great!  She is very knowledgeable and makes your cleaning a very pleasant experience. Dr Heim is extraordinary and I totally trust her with my dental care.” 

“Renee was amazing in explaining all she was doing, including the dental terminology. Kristen was also great in giving me much info while cleaning my teeth. Dr. Julian gave great info as well.” 

“Kristin was thorough, informative, considerate and friendly. As a regular it was nice that a couple other staff members came by to say hi to me while I was there. That’s a good business model!” 

“Robin was great.  She explained everything clearly and also made some good recommendations.” 

“Melissa is fabulous, clean teeth with no pain. Dr Challenger is the best dentist I have ever had over the past 61 years!”

“Hygienist Lindsey enables me to relax and work well with her as she proceeds through the appointment routine. She is careful and thorough and thoughtful, using her/my time well. Business Office Lindsey went the extra mile to assure that I had clarity on the treatment options ahead for me. I appreciated her detailed review, and feel well prepared to move ahead. Hooray for the Lindseys.”

“The Carla & Dr. Julian pediatric team is nothing short of fantastic! They really know how to work with young children who are nervous and uncertain. Thank you!” 

“Bessie and all the rest of the staff were pleasant, friendly and very professional. I cannot think of any way to improve the experience I had!” 

“I have been receiving my dental care at MFDA since 1978. I loved Dr. Schmidt and now love his daughter. The staff have been wonderful, particularly Teresa (assistant) and Marcia. The remodel is beautiful, beverage station attractive. Have to admit that I wouldn’t drink anything prior to being seen (coffee breath!) I recommend you all of the time. Keep up the good work.” 

“Your remodel is a Wow! Especially the waiting areas.” 

“I enjoyed the gentle back massage from the dental chair, the music, and the variety of flavors for the polish. (Oddly, the taste of the polish used to be the part of the cleaning procedure I disliked most.) Dr. Challenger and his assistants are knowledgeable, personable, and kind, and Dr. C. even asked after my spouse by name.” 

“I really like the new changes to the building. The temperature of the building felt a little cold to me, but it could have just been me.” 

“Melissa was my new hygienist and she’s fantastic. I loved all of the remodeling- the clinic was beautiful. My favorite part is the massage chairs.” =)

“I like the beverage machine in the wait area. Robyn was considerate of my sensitive gums. And I appreciate being able to schedule my next cleaning with the hygienist at their own station.” 

“Keep up the good work…facility upgrade is very nice.” 

“Always enjoy seeing the different hygienists, like old friends. Doris is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the finished product once construction is done.” 

“Loved the view out the back. Got to see a bunny, a cardinal, birds, chipmunks and squirrels! Beautiful area!” 

“I like the remodeled facility. Dr. Challenger and Kay are very nice and I felt that they went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable.”  

“Your front desk was exceptional! Two outstanding women.” 

“Doris is great. I’m anxious to see the remodeling efforts when they are done.” 

“I always enjoy my dental visits! You provide excellent care in a very friendly environment.”

“Upbeat, collaborative spirit despite all the inconveniences of the remodel. Like a healthy, working-together family. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Love the new dental chairs!”

“Robin did a wonderful job. I enjoy everyone I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with including Dr. Wirtz and Amber. Love the new facilities. It will be awesome when it’s done!” 

“Love the remodel!” 

“Love the newly renovated space and looking forward to completion. More importantly, I appreciate the new approach, having a single person who I see and who works on my teeth. I grew up having the same hygienist for 20+ years. Love her or not, I knew what to expect.

“You are doing a great job working around the renovations. It will be wonderful when it is all done.”

“Great massaging exam chair!”

“Excellent thus far!! Looking forward to your massage chairs, once the remolding is finished… Thanks for your expertise!!”

“The new waiting area is awesome. Rita is a gem, very friendly and knowledgeable. She made coffee for me — delicious.” 

“Love the improvements you’ve made to the building.”  

“Like the new suites! And new tooth cleaning tool, well perhaps not new to you but it was for me!”  

“Jim thought the office was so beautiful. I had told him about it, but he was telling me how well he thought it had been done. Good job, looks great, love the upholstery. The coffee area is so warm and inviting. Karen B was wonderful as always and good to see Dr. Veerman again. See you next visit.” 

“Receptionist was friendly (as they always are) and Rene has been my hygienist for years and years and is wonderful. The new waiting area is very comfortable.”  

“The beverage station was very nice and I like the remodeled areas. Jeanine my hygienist always does a good job.” 

“Melissa was a great hygienist-very kind and friendly. I love the office remodel-looks great. The massage chairs are a great addition too.” 

“I love the massage chair and the neck rest!”

“The renovation came out great!  Everything looks nice.” 

“Your office remodel looks amazing.” 

“Love the remodeled look! Nice to have TV to catch the news while waiting to be called back.” 

“Everything was great. I love your new reception area and the cup of coffee on my way out.” 

The staff was fabulous! It felt more like a spa than a dental office, right down to the fresh brewed latte! Thank you so much!” 

“New reception areas are wonderful and I appreciated the coffee.”

“I think it is a FIRST class dental office. Love the new construction, the tv monitors in the room with little tidbits of info on facts and people working there. I am very happy so far!” 

“The renovated office is very inviting. The hygienist Lindsay is friendly, and Dr. Donnelly is personable and takes the time to explain what’s going on with my teeth. I was taken back for my appointment right on time.” 

“I couldn’t be more impressed with Madison Family.” 

“The receptionists are extremely friendly & welcoming. One in particular recognizes me immediately with a warm greeting by name. Carolyn in the business office is always very friendly and efficient. As always, Karen and the other very nice person who assists during the teeth cleaning process, are both terrific as is my dentist. I really like the “new look”!” 

“For not having been at the dentist in years it was an awesome experience. Thank you!” 

“Everyone was friendly and helpful. The new waiting room view is beautiful. I would like to thank you for all the excellent service!” 

“I really enjoyed the visit – and have already recommended you to a friend. Thank you.” 

“Everyone, from the front desk staff, to the dental hygienist, to Dr Challenger were, very welcoming and professional. And, even though I was way overdue for a visit, not once did I receive any scolding or any judgment. Which, quite honestly I was expecting! Thank you, everyone for making this visit a painless event!” 

“All was terrific as usual. I have been a patient for about 30 years and have always been absolutely satisfied.” 

“Dr. Lindsey Heim is awesome.”  

“Julie got me seated and was very warm and engaging. Dr. Julian was also very welcoming. They both explained everything to me.” 

“I’ve been coming to Madison Family Dental for years, so I am obviously pleased with treatment there. Dr. Challenger is great and the new hygienist I had, Doris, was efficient and friendly. She was also good at explaining things being done and what she was seeing with regard to my oral hygiene.” 

“I was very pleased with how everything went for my first time there. I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years and the staff was very respectful of that. I have already referred a family member.” 

“Renee and Dr. Julian make a great team as well as your schedulers–very upbeat. Thank you for great service yesterday and for the past ten years.” 

“I thought everyone from the front desk to the dental hygienist to the dentist were all very friendly and helpful.”~

“I had another great experience. Dr. Wirtz and her team are amazing!” 

My dental hygienist and dentist were friendly and made assessments consistent with past visits.  I had a pleasant, routine cleaning. Thanks so much!” 

“I LOVE Jeanine! I hope she never retires!”

“Barb was really good and friendly. She took good care of me.

“Rita was her usual warm and friendly self!”

“Lisa does a GREAT job with explaining to me the condition of my teeth and mouth from one visit to another! I always feel like I’m meeting an old friend when I come in for my cleaning!”

“Madison Family Dental is the best!  Dr. Challenger and his team are awesome.”  

“Dr. Julian is great, always clear and direct and does a good job of explaining her actions. Her new assistant was friendly and helpful. Positive experience overall.”

“I thought Mackenzie was awesome. I had never met her, but she was super friendly and very considerate.

“Melissa was fantastic, as usual! She always makes sure I am comfortable and explains what she is doing.”

“We have always been very pleased with the service there. The whole staff was fabulous with our two small kids! We really appreciate the hygienists, especially Linda. Thank you!”  

“Melissa and Dr. Challenger were awesome.” 

“Bessie was fantastic! I’m looking forward to my next visit.”

“Always great to see everyone during my visit!”

“It is so great to have Lois back!”

“Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. The new waiting area is attractive and comfortable.” 

“The wait time was less than 15 minutes. Excellent appointment. No complaints or concerns.” 

“All of my interactions with Madison Family Dental for myself and my elderly mother have been first rate. Painless and professional. Thank you.” 

“I feel very fortunate that I’m able to see Marcia and Dr. Veerman for my dental health. Everyone at front desk and business office was very friendly and helpful, and I like the remodeling that’s been done at the main entrance.” 

“Barb and Dr. Heim are welcoming, professional and personable. What a great team! The remodeled facility is gorgeous – I felt like I was at a resort. Madison Family Dental understands patient centered care.  Thank you!”

“You all are doing a great job…Keep it up!” 

“My only suggestion would be to turn up the heat a little! The staff is always great and I’m pleased with the service every time.” 

“The receptionist was very friendly and helpful. Barb was excellent as usual! Great experience.” 

“The staff always provides excellent service. I love going to the dentist and I will truly miss Dr. English. I have developed a wonderful relationship with my hygienist Karen and look forward to getting to know Dr. Challenger. I look forward to one day becoming a dentist myself! Thanks everyone.” 

“The new addition is great!!! Kristen the hygienist is remarkable, thorough and efficient.  She made everything easy and pleasant.” 

“Renee is great! Tv finally in office!” 

“I did have to wait a bit past my appointment but I was advised she was running late. It was no problem for me. The care I received was great.” 

“Everyone was great! Very friendly and helpful. I wouldn’t change a thing!” 

“Great visit! You guys are the best!” 

“I am very satisfied with my service at Madison Family Dentists. Karen is an excellent, careful technician, and is very friendly. I was also impressed with her assistant yesterday.” 

“I love Melissa and Dr. Challenger! They are wonderful, caring people.” 

“Dr. Challenger is an amazing dentist.” 

“My dentist is the best in the world! He always takes care of my teeth, and the staff there at Madison Family Dental are so nice and very pleasant."

“Dr. Heim and her technician do a wonderful job, both professionally and personally!” 

“Everyone was great!! So glad I’m with you guys now.” 

“I adore the excellent care from Dr. Alana Wirtz and Amber! I have been a patient at Madison Family Dental for 41 years, and my teeth look better now at the age of 61 than they have my entire life!” 

“Carla was WONDERFUL!!! And I always enjoy seeing Dr. Julian.” 

“Madison Family Dental is wonderful. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love the remodel!” 

“Was very pleased with the service. The dentist and her assistant were very pleasant and took care of my problem quickly.” 

“The best dentist in the world is at Madison Family Dental.” 

“This is a belated thank you to Dr. Heim, Barb, Julie and Val for helping me with long delayed dental issues last year. I am now on a regular schedule of care and am in excellent hands. Your completed remodeling job also enhances visits — great work by all!” 

“Assistant Deb, dental hygienist Marcia, and dentist Dr. Veerman were all excellent.” 

“Can’t think of a thing; everything and everyone was professional and my appointment was shorter than expected.” 

“Nothing needs to be changed. You’re doing everything great!” 

“Madison Family Dental kicks butt! Seriously, this is the first time in 10 years that I had to wait in the lobby for any amount of time, so absolutely no big deal. And, I was greeted by the assistant immediately and informed of the delay, so in my opinion this was completely appropriate and professional. My dentist has a perfect balance of “bedside manner” and expertise. Best dentist I have ever been to (and I have been to six others in my life). Keep up the outstanding work (I know you will).”

“Challenger is not challenging at all ?.  Courteous, professional, and to the point. Doris, if that is the correct spelling of her name, is THE BEST. No further comment, your honor. Don’t expect me to fill a survey after each visit. I am a challenger too :)” 

“Jeaneen was absolutely wonderful. She was able to work on my teeth while instructing me how to better care for my teeth in the future. I felt motivated to take more steps to preserve my teeth. Dr. Veerman, as always, was professional and informative. She has a great mix of formal dentistry and informal “How ya doing Dan” that allows me to feel less anxious. Additionally, I arrived quite early and the receptionists were very accommodating and tried to make my wait as comfortable as possible. Thank you all!” 

“Lindsey is so nice, so gentle, so patient. Dr. Donnelly gave me some options on future work. Nice guy. I felt safe and well cared for.” 

“Theresa is wonderful – very friendly, thorough and explains things well. Dr. Heim is also very personable and takes the time to answer questions and offer practical solutions. The hours are very convenient. Front desk staff is also very friendly.” 

“I was impressed that I was taken back to be seen early. Everyone was efficient and I was in and out as fast as possible which made my trip more enjoyable. I also liked having the massaging chair!” 

“Everyone I encounter there is very professional and friendly!” 

“In my opinion the entire staff at Madison Family Dental clinic, that I encountered during my 7:50 a.m. visit on 12/13/13, from the receptionist, dental hygienist, and Dr. Julian, provided me the quality and professional care which is second to none. I am pleased that I selected your organization for my dental services!” 

“Very professional from desk staff to dentist; good explanations during cleaning and dental exam; good hand hygiene.” 

“This was an emergency visit and I got right in, evaluated and taken care of immediately. I was treated with the utmost professionalism.”

“Dr Challenger and his assistant did a very good job of explaining what my situation involved and the options that I have. Thanks.” 

“Bessie has a very nice manner throughout the appt. Dr Wirtz is always helpful and pleasant. Thanks.” 

“I was very impressed by the check-in receptionist. She greeted me with a big smile on her face. Her customer service skills were top notch! Also, as usual, I was very pleased with Jeanine. She is a wonderful hygienist. She is always so kind and friendly and she makes me feel at ease. Keep up the good work!” 

“Lindsay did an excellent job cleaning my teeth. She was quick, friendly, painless, and I really enjoyed my experience with her! Please thank her for me.”  

“Dr. Veerman was generous with the numbing. It was a painless procedure! Rita was very thorough and explained each step she took in the process. Very professional, yet caring. Thanks!” 

“There was just a bit of a wait, but Renee, my hygienist, had already informed the front desk about that, so I knew about it beforehand. Renee was wonderful, as always. She was very professional and explained everything as she worked. I already booked my next cleaning appointment in 6 months with her.” 

“The hygienist who saw me this time is new (3 mo.).  I can’t remember her name, but she did a great job and was very friendly and professional.

“The x-ray tech, Lindsey and Dr Heim were all friendly and very professional. You have an excellent team.”

“The front desk staff was very friendly and professional. There seemed to be a really efficient patient friendly system (from check-in to check-out).” 

“Carla was very efficient, professional and courteous which made for a pleasant visit.

“The dental hygienist, Marcia, is top notch! I love what a good job she does. She is super professional and approachable. I have been seeing her for years and have recommended her to others. She is the best dental hygienist I have ever had. Thank you Marcia for all you do!” 

“Marsha (hygienist) is always kind and informative. She’s great for “reminding” me how I should be taking care of myself! I respect Dr. Veerman’s honesty and her professionalism in taking care of my mouth!”

“The hygienist Michelle V. was very pleasant and professional.”

“Dr. Lindsey and her assistant were excellent, compassionate and professional. This was for a Saturday evening “emergency” root canal, and I am profoundly thankful for their excellent care.” 

“Michelle the hygienist was great! She answered all of my questions with professionalism.” 

“Carla was wonderfully thorough, not only with the cleaning but she did a wonderful job educating me about my teeth on several levels. You have a wonderful asset to your staff in Carla.” 

“The hygienist for my cleaning at MFDA was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.” 

“Marsha was very good and patient.  She answered all of my questions well. It was a very good experience!” 

“Barb is always friendly and cordial, which makes you feel at home. She always engages in conversation and makes you feel like you are the only patient. Very professional!”

“I am extremely pleased with their knowledge and expertise. Keep up the good work.”

“Everything was done very well.”

“I have been coming to the Madison Family Dental Clinic for around 20 years. I have never had a bad experience there. The staff is always courteous and professional, and our family loves Dr. Challenger!”

“I like Barb and Dr. Heim very much. They are very professional, friendly and explain findings related to my dental visit.” 

“Appears to be a very professional but comfortable dental office. Good experience!!” 

“As always, everyone was highly professional.”

“Although my visit didn’t involve Rita this time, she still made a special effort to greet me. Your staff members are not only efficient but especially cordial.” 

“Both Robin and Dr. Wirtz were friendly, competent, and professional.” 

“Both Robin and Dr. Veerman are wonderful to work with. I feel like they know me and respect my feelings and opinions. I’m given information regarding my dental health and given choices such as how and when to proceed.” 

“Dr. Challenger and his staff are very friendly and professional. They are the best!” 

“I have always been 100% pleased with my care from all your providers. I like your new idea about teams – good approach!”

“I appreciate the time and concern that Lisa takes with me. I was not feeling well and she was considerate of my feelings, but still did what she had to do.” 

“I came in with lots of pain and uncertainty, without an appointment. I was very impressed with all of your employees. The x-ray and extraction took less than an hour and I’m very happy. Many of my friends and coworkers will now be coming to you for their dental care. Thank you so much.” 

“Always a pleasure to see Dr. Julian and the other staff. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. I have been dealing with a very painful shoulder for months and finally had surgery 5 wks. ago. Whenever I lie back the pain kicks in. Staff has been so helpful and accommodating, from getting a pillow to allowing me to sit up for a minute. And they never made me feel like I was holding them up. Thank you and kudos to all.” 

“Front desk always knows who we are, greets us in a very friendly way. Karen is on time and does a great job. Laura in the business office is such a friend to us, and I always ask to see her. I was greeted by Dr Veerman, Rita, other staff since Betsy worked here for so long, it’s like home Great job by all!” 

“I have been coming to you for years (I see Theresa) and the service and care has always been outstanding. I highly recommend you.” 

“Marsha is the best! She is very helpful, gives good suggestions and makes you feel comfortable while in “the” chair. Excellent dental office and excellent service!” 

“Absolutely loved Kristen the new dental hygienist I saw! She explained things really well, always seemed to be thinking a step ahead.” 

“Excellent cleaning from Robin, she’s the best!” 

“Mackenzie was the best hygienist I’ve had. She was patient and explained all my procedures to me. She also talked with me about my sons’ teeth cleaning (he’s 6 months old) and offered to schedule his first cleaning. She was amazing!” 

“My experience was really good. Came in really nervous but the whole staff there went out of their way to make me as comfortable as possible and I appreciated it!” 

"This was my 1st visit to the dental office, and it was great! I have a little bit of a fear of the dentist, but everyone that I met was very nice and they helped me get over my fear! Mackenzie, my hygienist was amazing. She talked to me more as a friend than a patient and that made me feel comfortable and not as scared to be there. I will feel better going to the dentist now.” 

“Everyone there is very friendly, from the front desk, to the dental hygienist. Asking if I’m doing alright and letting me set up the next appointment. It’s all good! I don’t think anyone really likes having to go to the dentist. But you make it work, and not be scary at all. Thank you!” 

“Everything was comfortable and I had a good understand of what was going on.” 

“I really enjoy Dr. Heim and her assistants, they take my concern seriously, they attempt to find a solution and if they can not they refer to someone who can. All concerns are taken seriously.  Phone calls are made to my home and made sure that the problem was resolved. A very effective and efficient team. Thank you!”

"The massaging chairs were great! The new office space is lovely. As always, Doris and Dr. Challenger were kind and helpful, and I felt well taken care of. Thanks!” 

“I really liked the massage chair (if that is the right term)–very relaxing.” 

“Wonderful new interior, great massage chairs, and fantastic care.” 

“I loved how the radio was turned to my station and the massaging chair. I can’t wait for my next cleaning.” 

“Being able to watch TV while in the dental chair is a nice addition. I really appreciate the warm greeting that I receive from the front desk staff upon arriving. Dr. Julian & Karen are always friendly, considerate and efficient, as is Carolyn in the business office.”

“My dentist and staff at this location are the very best!” 

“Reception desk friendly and helpful.  Marcia, as always, did a thorough job and was helpful and considerate. I give your office an A+ in all areas for my dental care.” 

“Lindsey did an excellent job. Very professional & personable.” 

“Excellent staff and facility. I love how my Renee and the dentist thank me for taking good care of my teeth. They explain everything as they’re doing it and the entire staff is so personable.” 

“Amber and Dr Wirtz both friendly, professional and obviously very competent in their work. Thanks!” 

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