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Positive Work Environment, Recognized with Small Business Award

Positive Work Environment, Recognized With Small Business Award

Madison Family Dental Recognized with Small Business Award

Having practiced with Madison Family Dental since 2008, it has become a place that I am proud to call my second home.  It was clear from the beginning that this was a unique place and unique practice that truly strived for something above and beyond many other dental offices.  Because of this, I was ecstatic to learn that this year, Madison Family Dental was recognized for its outstanding excellence by being awarded the 2012 Dane County Small Business Award.

The 2012 Dane County Small Business Award is awarded annually to 10 small businesses in Dane County that have been successful, in business for at least three years, maintain a responsible and rewarding workplace environment, and give back to the community regularly.

Many people can talk about the type of environment they want to create in a workplace, but few actually do it and accomplish it.  One of the reasons Madison Family Dental is such a special place is the team we have.  As a practitioner, I rely heavily on my team members, and to be surrounded by a team of genuine, honest people who truly strive to provide the best care, get know each other, engage each other, understand what motivates us, what our strengths (and weaknesses) are, and to realize that we all have unique gifts to contribute to the team is amazing.  Being a part a practice that has been in Madison for over 30 years is an honor, and it shows in how many of our staff have been with us since the beginning days of the practice.

The leadership here truly makes for an environment in which we all can call home.  In a male dominated field, we stand out in that the owners of our practice, Drs. Lori Veerman, Alanna Wirtz, and Christine Julian-Hoernke, are all female, and that brings in a very unique perspective. The owners of the practice certainly do their part in creating such an environment. They truly strive to create a non-egotistical, open-minded environment in which we can all work collaboratively as an integrated whole towards our full potential. To have a mutual understanding and respect from each one of us provides for an environment where we can be ourselves, be confident in what we do, have complete honesty, and have a flexible vision of where we want to go to be the best at what we do.

It is amazing to be surrounded by people so caring and dedicated to what they do that they are willing to spend weekends providing care for those without access to dental care says a lot about the drive and dedication of our staff to the profession and community. We continually are involved in various community clinics and fundraising events, and it is simply a part of the culture in our office to give back as a profession as a whole.

From fellow dentists to support staff, everyone around me not only has an energy and enthusiasm for a superior level of care in the present, but is dedicated to continuous improvement through learning, flexibility, energy, humor and enthusiasm.  Dentistry is a constantly changing field, and working in a large group practice, although requires a high level of organization and communication, provides many advantages in what we can do and how we can collaboratively solve problems as a cohesive team. Madison Family Dental is truly an environment where we not only can strive to perform to one’s own individual full potential, but embrace the collective possession of the culture of the team and of the profession. Because of this, it is a pleasure to be a part of this recognition as a recipient of the 2012 Dane County Small Business Award.

Blog post by Dr. Lindsey Heim.

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