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Tooth Fairy DIY Series: Tooth Fairy Certificate Template

Madison Family Dental Associates

Tooth Fairy DIY Series by Madison Family Dental

Fun, kid-friendly tooth fairy ideas to prepare for losing teeth and the much anticipated visit from the Tooth Fairy herself. Here’s a Tooth Fairy Certificate Template!


Project 3: Free Tooth Fairy Certificate Template:
DIY with Dr. Christine Julian-Hoernke, DDS 

When a child starts to lose their baby teeth it can be an exciting time. For some children it may be a bit scary. A lot of parents want to celebrate this big event with a letter or message from the Tooth Fairy. Great idea, right?

We’ve made it easy here at Madison Family and have an easy to Download WORD Template (link is below in STEP 1) with do-it-yourself text placeholders for your child’s name and name of tooth. Follow the steps below to begin customizing your child’s Tooth Fairy Certificate Template.


  1. Download: Tooth Fairy Certificate Template.
  2. Open the Adobe PDF file
  3. Customize using the form filler: Type your child’s name and the name of the tooth (E.g. 10th tooth, front tooth, first molar)
  4. Print: 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock or whatever you have on-hand. (Light blue is a nice option.)
  5. Place the Tooth Fairy Certificate next to your child’s bed or if you’re feeling brave, under their pillow along with the Tooth Fairy’s special gift.

Stay tuned to our Facebook, website and Pinterest boards for more tooth fairy ideas from our Tooth Fairy DIY Series by Madison Family Dental. We’re having such a fun time in our homes with our own children doing these projects. And plus, we love sharing them with you!

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  1. Hi! I am hoping to print this for my son today as he just lost his first tooth! He has Asperger’s so he’s quite obsessed about the whole deal! However, I am using my iPad and cannot download it. Could it possibly be emailed to me? Perhaps I can get my laptop to work later. I’ll use either google chrome, Firefox or explorer. Thank you so much!!!

    Valerie & little Evan

  2. Hi,
    Could someone please email me this certificate. I used this certificate on 1 of my twin boys who lost his 1st tooth….now the other twin has lost his tooth and I really wanted them to have the same certificate for their memory box.
    Please help!!!

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