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Why Should You Get Specialized Oral Care at Your Regular Dentist?

Why Should You Get Specialized Oral Care At Your Regular Dentist?

As technology and ongoing education continue to advance, more and more regular dental practices offer specialized oral health care services at their clinics. This makes it easier for your entire family to get treated for a range of conditions all at the same place — and it can save time and money, too!

Here are a few reasons to consider going through your regular dental provider for specialized care.


Your dentist knows your history

Because your dental team already knows you, they’ll be able to catch potential problems quickly in the context of your full medical history. Better yet: There won’t be any worries about back-and-forth communication between different providers. No detail will slip through the cracks!


It’s a comfortable environment

Dental procedures can be stressful. By getting specialized care at the clinic you already know and love, you’ll be able to relax more easily. The procedure itself might be new to you — but the friendly faces and familiar amenities will help you feel right at home.

At Madison Family Dental, we’re proud to provide a calm and relaxing environment for your entire appointment, whether you’re here for a routine cleaning, an advanced implant surgery, or anything in between.

Our waiting room is fully stocked with free coffee, water, WiFi, and magazines — the walls even feature beautiful photography taken by our dentists on their travels. Each exam room allows you to listen to music and watch TV, and our entire staff is trained to make you as comfortable as possible.


Scheduling is simple

One of the biggest inconveniences with oral health specialists is that they can book out months in advance. Depending on the severity of your problem, you might need treatment faster — and your regular dentist can usually find a way to work you into the schedule.

At Madison Family Dental, we have multiple dentists at both of our locations to create as many open slots as possible. We also boast the best hours in the Madison area, offering early morning and evening appointments so you don’t have to worry about interrupting your regular schedule.


There’s less paperwork

Your regular dentist already has all of your information on file — meaning you don’t need to fill out dozens of repetitive new forms. Just confirm that your existing details are accurate, and sit back without worry!


It’s easy to get follow up care

There can be some gray area when problems persist (or you simply have questions) after a specialized procedure. Do you have to contact the specialist who operated on you? Can you just reach out to your regular dentist?

Getting both your specialized and routine dental care at the same place eliminates this communication confusion. No matter what you’re experiencing, you’ll always know just who to call.


Madison Family Dental is here for you

Whatever your dental needs may be today and in the future, Madison Family Dental is a one-stop destination for your care. We can’t wait to meet you and your family — reach out to us with any questions or book an appointment today!

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